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Name: Bewitched Fan Fiction
Date(s): 2004? - present[1]
Founder: Arfies
Type: fanfiction, poetry, crossovers, media, and essays
Fandom: Bewitched (TV series)
original URL at Geocities
Message Board
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Bewitched Fan Fiction is a large Bewitched (TV series) fanfiction archive that also has poetry, media, and essays.

Although the site mostly focused on the central characters and pairings, it also housed some slash/femslash.


Bewitched Fan Fiction was originally hosted at Geocities and was started in or before 2004. The site closed down in late 2009 briefly due the site shutting down all of the sites. The site than moved to by July 2010.[2]

"Since the deletion of Geocities, I've tried to update as many dead links as possible, but sometimes I couldn't find a sutiable backup of a particular story anywhere on the Internet. Those dead links are saved for archival purposes and marked as such. If you know of any more fanfics, alternate links, or BW-related tales you've written yourself (please do!), e-mail me to have them added. However, I can't update this site constantly, so some links to vast repositories of "Bewitched" fan fiction include,, (based on data from this site) and"

The site has a message board (URL), where readers could review the fics read on the site or talk about various other Bewitched related things.

October 2009's Bewitched Fan Fiction contest

Winners are:

  • We'll Meet Again by KatrinaLou1990
  • In a Mortal's Shoes by Vee22
  • Daddy's Little Girl by KatrinaLou1990

Authors Archived

Chuck T Ben E. Saucer DianeB Leigh1986 Alucino kawaii-peach14 Vee22 Megan (AllThatJazz777) nightbird47 Caleb Jones and Eric
love2read101 Mark Langlois (Wizzy) James Hunter (CosmosCotillion) White Sapphire Jamie Randalynn Laura Stigler Eliza Spootkitten Romantic Twist KatrinaLou1990
FaithInHim4ever Leigh1986 Fairy Slayer Ryan Goble camerabugs Danelle Witte (Polychrome) BG Sparrow Doug Laird kissthegirl85 unknowns
Katrina (NoseTwitcher14) Cadao inkscratcher moogsynth timescribe LadyLudvika Arfies Andrew Troy Keller kawaii-peach14 David Carroll
Marie S Zachary thunder John Brady Miss Pookamonga Bewitchedforever NightstarShadow Sitcomwriter thatwitch Tabitha Stephens Susan West
Joe Gardner Vince Nolan Roger Swift Natalie Cantu Marie1964 Elisabeth Byrd Vanished In A Reverie Lady Rumina Rob Morris Teri
Demille (Doug2) ScarlettLovesRhett Christiana Gallagher P. Ingerson Paul Gadzikowski Atomic Mynx Lorelei Sieja G. L. Peabody Nargles featherxquill
scholcomp25 son of a peach The Raven yorickjones Carpet Vince Nolan Cheyne Griffinkhan ibsammy RA'AY'MOND
*JeannieFan* DragonsMaster Shelby Bush Bill Livingston LadyLudvika Taylor Bradley Kim Newman Professor David Yamada Donna M. Smith Enola Jones
Les Bonser Annie D (scaramouche) HighRoad Carolina G.B. Thor2000 prettydynamic QueenofYourWorld Dejavu1978 Ri Kay Reindl


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