Belphegor’s Prime

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Title: Belphegor’s Prime
Author(s): prufrock's love
Date(s): 2013?
Length: 64K / word count: 33,000+
Genre: R, NC-17
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: Belphegor's Prime, Archived version

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Belphegor’s Prime is an X-Files story by prufrock's love.


"Synopsis: When someone wrote Time Travel for Dummies, the guidebook should include a chapter titled “Love as a Form of Self-flagellation.” Or “She’s Your Touchstone, You’re a Stranger.” Mulder’s old files documented time travel, parallel universes, and wormholes. Back in the day, he’d been a regular G-man with a hot partner, a hazy job description, and a plan to thwart an alien invasion. Then the world ended. Scully vanished. And none of his X-files offered any guidance on romance in a time of pleated pants and shoulder pads." link title

Reactions and Reviews

We always feel like we need to send out a mass ***RED ALERT!!!*** whenever one of our favorites posts a new fic. OF COURSE we want to share it with you all as soon as possible, but we also want at least one of the two of us to have read each and every story from start to finish to be sure before we rec it that it’s worth your time (and that we aren’t missing any trigger warnings the author perhaps may have missed).

Philes, we can pretty much guarantee that each and every fic rec from this writer is going to be worth a read, and their newest is no exception. To try to pigeon-hole it into a specific genre was difficult for us. It’s a casefile, and it’s an alternate universe, plus, it’s got time travel and a post-colonization backstory, and yes, that’s all in one fic.

Leave it Prufrock’s Love to weave all of those elements together into a story that kept us entranced from start to finish, and good heavens we were captivated until the very end. Today’s story diverges from canon somewhere during Season Seven, during the IVF/Per Manum arc, straps us in for one hell of a ride, and doesn’t let up until the last few words.

Have fun with today’s newest from PL, lovelies. We sure did.[1]


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