Behind Bars (Sentinel story)

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Behind Bars
Author(s): Mia Athlas
Date(s): 25 April 2000
Length: 19,670 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The Sentinel
External Links: Behind Bars (852 Prospect archive collection on AO3)

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Behind Bars is a Jim/Blair Prison AU by Mia Athlas. It was archived at 852 Prospect and due to the move of the archive in 2013, it is now available at the AO3 (so far for AO3 users only).

Summary: Blair is sent to jail and falls under the protection of his big, buff cellmate.

Recs and Reviews

Prison!Blair story -- yeah! This is a darkly fascinating AU in which Blair is wrongfully accused of a crime and sent to prison, where he meets Jim Ellison, a Cascade cop working undercover as an inmate in order to crack a drug ring inside the prison. Angsty, sexy, and fraught with tension, this fic is one of the best AU's I've read in this fandom.[1]
Jim and Blair don't meet like in canon, but in prison. Blair's there because of his date with Iris not ending so lucky, and Jim, well, that would spoil it, but I bought the story, mostly. I would have preferred a different outcome and you shouldn't come to this story for a totally realistic look at the justice system, but then the way things work in TS canon aren't reality tv to begin with, and this story works if you view it in that light. What can I say, I have a thing for prison fiction, and the senses play a noticeable role too, which I always like in TS stories.[2]
0_0 This. Is. By. FAR. THEEEE. Best. Sentinel. Prison. Fic. I. Have. Ever. Read. I was biting my fingernails, hoping that they wouldn't get caught. At times, I just wanted to stop reading because the suspense was just THAT powerful. I COULDN'T STAND IT, I TELLS YA!!! XD Oh, and, M.A. You rock, good lady. You ROCK!!!! [3]
Blair is sent to jail and falls under the protection of his big, buff cellmate. The summary says it all as to why I would enjoy this fic, yes? ;D There is sex in it, which frankly I skim (and as a warning, there's one iffy non-con type scene), but the story itself is long and juicy and plotty, and there's angst and hope and friendship-like love. It's such an intense story that it sucks you into its world.[4]


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