Begin and Begin Again

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Begin and Begin Again
Author(s): Vera Barga
Date(s): 1988
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Begin and Begin Again is a K/S story by Vera Barga.

It was first published in the print zine KSX #2.


"After becoming intimate while jailed for a diplomatic error, Kirk rejects a relationship with Spock under the mistaken belief that Spock would need a woman for his next pon farr."


Reactions and Reviews

One of those stories where it's a good thing you had some good, hot loving at the start because you can see one of those monumental misunderstandings looming on the horizon.

Kirk and Spock, locked in a ceil together for two months, are so uniformly homy its almost funny! They aren't very discreet either, but their jailers suspect pon farr and look the other way (I'd have peeked).

Once back on the snip, though, McCoy starts a spiral that puts the two on a very rocky start. Kirk decides he must not let Spock know the depth of his feeling, rather he must let Spock go. I'll admit, at this point I was ready to bite nails. Oh, come on, Kirk. Where's the brilliance and strategy that won you all those medals?

I read once you shouldn't LOC a story when your criticisms are about what a character would or would not do. But this is not a literary club, is it? And I have no quarrel with the writing—the story is well told. I just don't like what if s telling me.

The day is saved by Spock coming to his senses, probing the deep link for the truth and making up his mind to win the human! Unfortunately, he chooses to do so by making Kirk jealous and screws around with an old Vulcan friend.

I hate when a creation someone has poured their heart into just doesn't do it for me, but such was the case here, and I attribute it all to the premise. [1]


  1. from The K/S Press #49