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Name: Beelzebub (Beruzebabu)
Creator: Tamura Ryūhei
Date(s): manga: 2009-2015, anime: 2011-2012
Medium: manga, anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Beelzebub is a manga by Tamura Ryūhei that was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump. Beelzebub has also been adapted into an anime that aired in Japan from 2011-2012.

Canon Overview

One day Oga Tatsumi, the "strongest juvenile delinquent," picks up a naked baby who also happens to be the son of the great demon king. The baby, named Beelzebub or 'Baby Beel' for short, is tasked with one day destroying humanity. Oga is tasked with raising him until he is able to do so. Initially Oga attempts to pawn the baby off on someone else, but eventually he and his friends get caught up in fighting demons whose interests are adverse to Beelzebub's.


Beelzebub currently has a small fandom. Shipping is generally between Oga and Hildegarde (Beelzebub's gothic lolita demon wet nurse), or Oga and Aoi (Oga's classmate and accomplished martial artist). There are also some popular yaoi pairings, the most common one being Oga and his best friend Furuichi.