Beauty and the Geek

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Title: Beauty and the Geek
Author(s): jomosfamilyjewels
Date(s): Published: Mar 19, 2013, Completed: Jan 17, 2015
Length: 86,271 words
Genre: het
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
External Links: Beauty and the Geek at FFN
Fic cover by a-little-blonde-distraction

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Beauty and the Geek is an All Human AU by jomosfamilyjewels with Klaus/Caroline as the main focus of the story. The story has been written as an attempt to lighten up the atmosphere in the fandom.[1]

Summary: AU/AH - Klaus owns a comic book store and Caroline is the pretty little thing that moves into the retail space next door. Light and fluffy

The fic won Best Comedic Fiction in 2013 and 2014 at the Klaroline Awards

Author's Insights

I think that’s what I loved most about writing Klaus in this fic. It was an opportunity for me to write about the less confident parts of him. Yes, I was mirroring him with Leonard from Big Bang, but I’d like to think that although we see this confident, no shit taking Klaus on TVD, when he’s with Caroline he becomes this insecure and slightly pathetic version of himself. I just amplified these characteristics for Klaus and all the characters in Beauty and the Geek, which is what comedy is in a nutshell. It’s highlighting all the wonderful, embarrassing, and fantastic moments in our life that make us angry, happy, sad, horny and then finding humor and laughter in all of it.[2]


Oh my god... I just found the recommendation for this story on a Klaroline website. It' s genius! Haha I laughed a lot during the first 3 chapters. It' s pretty unique to make the Mikaelson men be comic reading somewhat nerds (Elijah as Sheldon - amazing) and hard to imagine but it totally works. You're a fantastic writer and I can' t wait to continue reading this soon. Haha also props for Damon and Alaric's cameo as gay couple. Hilarious. (And for making Katherine Caroline's bf. I'd pay to watch a spin off centered around those 2. Let's face it, Kat was always a cooler character than Elena).[3]
Ya know I cannot imagine Klaus being a nerd. Or bonnie. Or Kol. I can imagine Joseph Morgan being one though. Ya know because he's all awkward n stuff. And likes game of thrones...yeah lol[4]
This was too perfect. I'm sad this is over. You combined my two favorite things, Klaus and superheroes, into something that is beyond perfection. I'm glad I stuck with it and read to the end. The epilogue was the perfect conclusion to a perfect story.[5]
Once I started reading this I couldn't stop. I completely loved this story! I really loved all the different relationships and how they were different and developled at their own pace. I enjoyed the Kol/Bonnie and Jeremy/Rebekah (which though more in the background and different I did like). I loved how Kol and Bonnie slowly got there and then finally were able to be together.

I loved Elijah and Katherine's relationship. The two fit together perfectly. And I loved the proposal and Katherine's announcement about being pregnant.

I really loved Klaus and Caroline. Their whole dynamic and interaction was just perfect. I enjoyed reading their first meeting and then going through their time together. I was worried about the Matt thing and I was glad when nothing happened. It was sad when the fight occurred following with their break up but I absolutely loved how they ended up getting back together.

I really enjoyed reading this story, the humor, the romance and just the overall good feeling while reading it.[6]

Fanart inspired by the Fic

I July, 2013 AngeloftheNight30 made a Fic Trailer to the story using a variety of clips.[7]


  1. Per Author's Note: "With all the doom and gloom on Tumblr these days, I thought our little fandom could use some lighthearted fluff and I also thought this would be so fun to write. Although, these characters are a much lighter version of themselves, I feel like with time, they'll find the depth and beauty of what we love about Klaus and Caroline."
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