Beautiful World (multimedia zine)

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Title: Beautiful World
Publisher: Beautiful World Productions, out of New York City
Editor(s): Debbie David
Date(s): issue #10 was published in March 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Beautiful World is a non-fiction perzine of commentary about television shows, popular music, and films. It contains long essays and some cartoons.

front cover of issue #10, the artist is EVE, the subject Star Trek: TNG and the band Devo

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Beautiful World 1

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Issue 10

Beautiful World 10 was published in winter of 1987/1988 (March 1988) and contains 22 pages.

front cover of issue #10, the artist is EVE, the subject Star Trek: TNG and the band Devo
  • Devo cartoons by EVE
  • much about the band "Devo"
  • "Incentive or Substitute: A Review of "My Struggle" by Booji Boy" by Trevor Blake ("My Struggle" was a book written in 1975 and there were a 100 copies published by "A NEO Rubber Band Publication." It is a 280 chapbook of clippings and odd stuff, with a Devo focus.)
  • two long opinion pieces about the newly-airing Star Trek: TNG
  • short essays/article about My Favorite Martian
  • discussion about Buster Keaton, Moonlighting, Knots Landing, Pee Wee's Playground, Max Headroom
  • the middle page is a two-page foldout pinup of Devo
  • "Idolatry: Man's Striving for Self Preservation"—essay by Miriam Silver
  • from an essay about Star Trek: TNG by Elayne Wechsler:
    It also has the potential for so much more in the way of social commentary than it's doing now. Is nobody in the future fat, for instance, or have they found a "cure" for obesity? Is nobody ugly or non-telegenic? Surely the crew members themselves must keep in a certain fitness for duty—but what about their families? Is no one homosexual? (Stop that, I heard those remarks about La Forge and Data...) When TNG gets to the point of depicting active he-terosex, and has a good mix of Earth as well as alien races, these shortcomings become more glaring by contrast. How much imagination does it take to speculate on alien races composed of more than two genders, for instance? Why are aliens always monoracial when Terrans clearly aren't? Yes, STAR TREK has come a relatively long way—the old show was continually frustrating whenever women were thrust into the background. Yes, I understand that although this is supposed to take place in the future, the minds of Paramount censors are stuck in the 1980s. Yes, you shouldn't blame people for not being ahead of their time—EXCEPT WHEN THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE. For Roddenberry to promise an anti-drug episode in an era when it's fashionable to be anti-drugs is not insightful. STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION desperately needs future-thinking writers if it is to survive as anywhere near the classic It has the chance to become.