Beautiful Son

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Title: Beautiful Son
Creator: el1ie (Elliepdowd)
Date: June 2008
Format: divX .avi
Length: 5:04 minutes
Music: Beautiful Son by Without Gravity
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: vid announcement; streaming on Youtube
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Beautiful Son is a Supernatural fanvid by Elliepdowd. It was reviewed by dualbunny at the reel on December 31, 2008.

Vidder's Summary: After the horrific death of Mary Winchester, the destiny of the three remaining Winchesters has always been intrinsically linked to a demon with Yellow Eyes. Keeping his boys safe, teaching them to survive, to hunt evil, may be John Winchester's only choice, but this lonely life of a demon hunter is never what any parent would wish for their child.


  • " A beautiful, beautiful Supernatural tribute vid that focuses on the Winchester family and the themes of loss in the series. there is something about the song choice, the movement of the images, which makes this vid lyrical..."[1]
  • "This a vid that takes advantage of the beautiful source footage to create a moving tribute to the Winchester men. It's length may soften the overall impact a bit, but it was a pleasure to watch....I think it's a lovely lovely vid, and it makes me feel for John especially. I expect cutting it down to something shorter would have been painful for the vidder, but it might have been worth experimenting with. Regardless of very personal choices like that one, I think the vidder has a wonderful instinct for pulling out the flow of a song and creating an effective overall emotional tone in a vid. " [2]
  • "The first chorus gave me chills and I've watched the rest with goosbumps, flutters, shivers, the whole shebang. The quotes are perfectly placed and editing is fantastic; I actually went 'whoa!' at 2:52 - 3:01, very, very good."[3]
  • "This was gorgeous! The music was perfect and the voice-overs were crisp and clear and totally appropriate. Thank you!"[4]


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