Be Our Guest

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Title: Be Our Guest
Creator: solign
Date: 30 December 2008
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:46 min
Music: Be Our Guest, song from the animated film Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Genre: gen
Fandom: Merlin
Footage: S1
URL: Be Our Guest (YouTube)

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YouTube - Be Our Guest.jpg

Be Our Guest is a Merlin gen vid by solign (3:46 min).

Notes: "This was actually really tricky to make because the song was so fast paced and trying to get the clips to match was hard work, but I did it (and Merlin agrees) and all that's left to say is: I hope you all enjoy it."

Be Our Guest was a 2008 Camelot Music Video Awards nominee in the category 'Ensemble/Cast'.


  • "I was only thinking today whether you'd make a vid to this song! *insert spooky music here* The AWESOMENESS of it! The clips went so well, like sing you off to sleep, when Merlin holds up the menu, and when they're covered in cobwebs 10 years we've been rusting! And I laughed so much throughout, loved 2:20 It's a guest!!! and how you sped up Merlin dressing Arthur! Plus the flashback good old days! Just wonderful! :-) Loved loved loved it!!! *must shut up now, gotta let other people comment!*" (misshobbity, YouTube comment)
  • "Very well edited! (I believe that it was quite tricky to make.) And it's funny too. :)" (Solanyxe, YouTube comment)
  • "I think I've just commented on 3 of your vids in one go! But: I just wanted to say the clips in this were perfect! I think I'm a bit obsessed with the whole Disney-Merlin thing you've got going on!! :D" (Sunspot8, YouTube comment)