Bay City Library Interview with Monika

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Bay City Library Interview with Monika
Interviewer: Wolfpup
Interviewee: Monika
Date(s): September 2006
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Starsky & Hutch
External Links: full interview is here, Archived version
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In 2006, Monika was interviewed for the Bay City Library.

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Some Excerpts

First I thought: Oh, just another cop show. Then I realized that these characters acted in a way that impressed me. It was their friendship, expressed by glances, little gestures and the devotion they showed for each other. Over the years I watched the reruns and thought that I was the only crazy woman on earth who loved these characters. Then I explored the internet and I read that Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul were close friends on stage and off stage, too. I went on searching for more information -- and I found the Starsky and Hutch fandom and the fan fiction. The rest is history?
From the moment I watched ["Shootout"] I was hooked on the show. I had never seen two men acting this way on TV before -- showing their emotions and caring for each other.
It began in June 2005 when on one list a round robin was started. I wrote my opinion telling them that that would be a great idea especially for new writers. The next day they had put me on the list as a writer! I was in a cold sweat. Then I decided to try my luck. I wrote my part for the round robin, barely slept that night and was a bag of nerves when I pressed the "send" button. I got a lot of kind feedback and felt encouraged to write my first story "Thirty Minutes". It's about Hutch waiting for Starsky but Starsky doesn't show up. I was inspired by my own experience waiting for my boyfriend who wanted to pick me up in the city, but he didn't come and I got more nervous with every passing minute. I was imagining already the worst. It didn't make things easier when I heard the sirens of an ambulance. After thirty minutes he arrived -- not understanding at all why I felt so upset. He had only stopped to talk to the owner of his local modelrailway shop and had forgotten about the time...
Beta readers are very important for my writing. I'm a second language writer and I need the correction of grammar and punctuation. Once I wrote a story and was quite contented with it -- till my beta reader pointed out that I had "rushed" through the scenes without "fleshing them out". It's always better to have four eyes to check on a story. My beta readers have helped me a lot and I hope I'm improving.