Barry Allen/Felicity Smoak

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Pairing: Barry Allen/Felicity Smoak
Alternative name(s): Baricity, Barricity
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Arrow & The Flash (CW)
Canonical?: canon
Prevalence: common
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Barry/Felicity is a het pairing of Felicity Smoak and Barry Allen from the Arrow and The Flash fandoms.


Barry and Felicity first meet each other[1] when Barry visits QC to talk with Oliver Queen about what he found at a crime scene. Both show interest in each other. They later dance together at Queen's party. Felicity later trusts him with Oliver's secret, in order to save Oliver's life. Barry then makes a mask for Oliver to wear as the Arrow.[2] He calls Felicity and asks her on a date for whenever she wants to move on, however he gets hit with lightening and put into a coma. Felicity visits him in Central City.[3]


Barry/Felicity pairing immediately appeared in the Arrow fandom after their first meeting and Barry's first appearance,[1] although it never quite took off like Oliver/Felicity did when Felicity first appeared on Arrow; probably since the episode confirmed that Oliver/Felicity had feelings for each other and that Barry/Iris did as well (or at least Barry does). However, fans of the series and other pairings are generally positive towards a relationship between Barry and Felicity. The pairing often appears as a secondary pairing, or the beginning pairing which eventually leads to another.

Barry/Felicity can mainly be found on Tumblr and Youtube with some works posted at AO3 and FFN.



  • The Impossible by prismdreams, Felicity can't let go of the trauma she's feeling. It will always follow her. Oliver pushing her away, or the world dealing with their own problems. Barry Allen was the only person who made sense to her. But now, she's forced to live without his memory. As Barry lays in a coma Felicity reflects, her personal demons have begun to push her over the edge. Set after 3x01.
  • Came Here To See You by prismdreams, Felicity comes back to reality after she and Barry share that kiss on the train heading to Starling City. Barry doesn't know it yet but Felicity needs to make sense of some things before she sees him again. Set after 4x04 "Going Rogue." OneShot.
  • Race Over In a Heartbeat by prismdreams, Barry's mind began to rush after the kiss he shared with Felicity on the train. What he felt wasn't something he planned. And now, he couldn't stop the overflow of emotions. Maybe he didn't want it to stop. Part 2 of "Came Here To See You." Set after 1x04 "Going Rogue." OneShot.
  • Boom! Dropped the Mic! by prismdreams, Felicity realizes that maybe she was wrong all along, and she was going to find out for once and for all if that is true. Part 3 of "Race Over In a Heartbeat." Set after 1x04 "Going Rogue." OneShot.



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