Barry Allen/Cisco Ramon

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Pairing: Barry Allen/Cisco Ramon
Alternative name(s): Barrisco, Flashvibe
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: The Flash (CW) (Arrowverse)
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Rare
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Barry/Cisco is the slash pairing of CW's The Flash characters Barry Allen (The Flash) and Cisco Ramon (Vibe). Although the characters appear in the DC Comics comicverse, the two have yet to be paired up there.


In the Arrowverse, Barry and Cisco become good friends after Barry gains his powers from the particle accelerator explosion in Central City. Cisco makes the Flash suit and other devices to aid Barry as he fights crime.

After Barry returned from the Flashpoint timeline, he revealed that Cisco's brother Dante hadn't died in the original timeline. This lead to tension between the two friends, as Cisco blamed Barry for his brother's death. The two eventually make up.


Barry/Cisco pairing first appeared early in season 1 as did the pairing name "Barrisco" although the pairing was more uncommon compared to the other slash ships that started at the same time. Although the pairing is fairly rare, many often consider the relationship between Barry & Cisco their brotp.[1] "Flashvibe" pairing name became more common after Cisco showed signs of his abilities. Barry/Cisco fanworks have been produced fairly steadily throughout seasons since The Flash series first aired.

There are many AU fics in this pairing; High School AUs, Soulmates AU and even No Powers AUs.

Cisco's powers allow him to vibe future events and travel to multiple Earths. His abilities and the multiverse in general are often used as a plot device in Flashvibe fics.




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