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Name: Barron's Xena Page
Owner/Maintainer: Barron
Dates: 21 June 1997[1] - December 1998/early 1999
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: (Wayback)
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Barron's Xena Page is Barron's Xena: Warrior Princess fansite.

It has an art gallery and fan fiction covers section, a Bat Morda Admiration Page, recommendations (Barron's Favorites), commentary/opinions, fanfiction, a Bitter Suite Tarot, resources, pictures and links.

The site was a member of the Xena Web Ring.

Fan fiction began inspiring artwork early on, but, this year in particular, fanfic art has really come into its own with a growing number of sites now featuring everything from simple drawings and sketches to detailed paintings and high quality computer art. With his popular Fan Fiction Covers, Barron was an early pioneer in this arena. Today his site includes graphic covers for many popular fanfic stories.[2]



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