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Name: Barret Wallace
Occupation: Rebel Group Leader, Father, Oil Prospector
Relationships: Cloud Strife (friend), Tifa Lockhart (friend), Aerith Gainsborough (friend), Red XIII (friend), Cait Sith (friend), Yuffie Kisaragi (friend), Cid Highwind (friend), Vincent Valentine (friend), Sephiroth (enemy), Marlene Wallace (daughter), Myrna Wallace (deceased wife), Dyne (friend turned enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
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Barret Wallace is a main character in the Squaresoft video game Final Fantasy VII.


Final Fantasy VII (1997)

The leader of a resistance group called AVALANCHE, Barret is a headstrong and confident man who believes any problem can be solved with enough bullets and shouting.

Barret began revolting against the energy giant Shin-Ra after the company set his village on fire, killing his wife Myrna in the process.

Barret was blamed for the destruction of the village, and shunned by those he considered friends. He then moved to Midgar with his young daughter, Marlene, subsequently leading the group AVALANCHE in an effort to resist the Shin-Ra in whatever way possible. This led to meeting of Tifa Lockhart, who enlisted the help of hired mercenary Cloud Strife, enabling the bombing of two Mako reactors.

He is considered to be the first major black character in the Final Fantasy franchise, although many believe that General Leo Cristophe of Final Fantasy VI, a temporary party member, was also black. (Due to palette limitations and the stylization of sprites, the canon skin color of some characters could be somewhat ambiguous in Final Fantasy games preceding VII.)

Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020)


Some fans have been critical that Barret's portrayal could have been influenced by harmful racist stereotypes and caricatures of "angry black men" and gun violence.[1] Many fans have alternatively—or often simultaneously—praised his character arc as a serious exploration of loss, revenge, destruction, and responsibility⁠.[2][3][4]

Barret's design was influenced by Mr. T (of Rocky and The A-Team fame), and FFVII's original English localization added more similarities by exaggerating Mr. T's speech patterns in Barret's dialogue, garnering both praise and criticism from fans.[5] Emphasized similarities with Mr. T have persisted in common fanon regarding Barret.[6]

Despite being one of the first members of the playable party as well as having a focused storyline in the original game, Barret appears to be relatively excluded from fan works. Compared to Cid Highwind—the very last mandatory member of the party and one who also lacks the bishōnen appeal of the most popular characters—Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi—who are optional, missable party members—and even Tseng and Reno—who are non-playable secondary characters—Barret has been featured far less frequently and less prominently in fan fiction (according to FFN and AO3)[7][8] and fan art (according to DeviantArt and Pixiv). Even within fan works tagged with his name, Barret tends to appear only as a minor character; it is difficult to find fan works with Barret as a main character via tagging systems alone. This lack of popularity could possibly be an issue of racism in fandom.

In a 2020 NHK popularity poll, Barret ranked dead last in votes among over 200 Final Fantasy characters, including several minor and unnamed characters.[9] [10] In a July 2020 Famitsu poll, Barret was voted the fifth most popular character in the first installment of Final Fantasy VII Remake with 498 votes, ranking below Jessie Rasberry (535 votes), and above Sephiroth (404 votes).[11][12][13]


Other than his late wife, Myrna, a character only mentioned in dialogue, Barret has no known romantic partners in canon.[14] The player may choose to have Cloud refer to Barret as his boyfriend during his undercover infiltration of Don Corneo's mansion. Through certain actions and dialogue choices, the player may also trigger a "date" cutscene with Cloud and Barret during the party's second visit to the Gold Saucer, though they are not treated seriously as a couple.

Barret is not part of any of the top ten most popular FFVII ships on Archive of Our Own[15].


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