Cid Highwind

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Name: Cid Highwind
Occupation: Pilot, Cosmonaut
Relationships: Cloud (friend), Barrett (friend), Aerith (friend), Red XIII (friend), Tifa (friend), Yuffie (friend), Cait Sith (friend), Vincent (friend), Shera (presumed love interest), Sephiroth (enemy), Sora (acquaintance), Donald (acquaintance), Goofy (acquaintance), Leon (colleague)
Fandom: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts
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Cid is a main character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy VII, and a minor character in the Square Enix/Disney Video game, Kingdom Hearts


Grumpy but good-hearted, Cid serves his function in Final Fantasy VII just the same as he does in every other; enabling the party to fly.

Cid Highwind has the distinction, however, of being the first fully playable character. Whilst others have been supporting characters at best, Cid is definitely a main character, and was temporarily even the leader in FF7.

Cid doesn't suffer fools gladly, an endearment that has brought him many a fan. Quirks like random outbursts of anger, a strangely philosophical mindset, and the decision to hold an entire pack of smokes behind one ear, even more so.

Cid's grudge against Shinra - and the reason he joined forces with Cloud and the gang, was because of them constantly denying his dreams. Ambitions of becoming an astronaut were cut short due to a failed launch (however his presumed girlfriend Shera was partly responsible for the failure), and then Shinra threatened to take the sky away from him too; first with his airship, the Highwind, and then his custom built, personal plane, the Tiny Bronco.

Cid soon realised that his dreams weren't the only ones being crushed by Shinra, so he decided to revolt against them, and this path took him on a wild ride that led to saving the world.

But the best part: eventually, Cid really did make it into space.



Cid is shipped both in slash and in het pairings. The most common include Cid/Vincent and Cid/Yuffie, however the semi-canon Cid/Shera is also prevalent, despite never being made official.

Lesser seen pairings include Cid/Cloud and Cid/Tifa.


Historically, there has been a Cid in almost every Final Fantasy game. VII is the only time where Cid has ever progressed beyond a supporting role however.

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