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You may be looking for Bantha Tracks (Star Wars print newsletter).

Name: BanthaTracks
Dates: May 1998 (?)-?
Fandom: Star Wars
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BanthaTracks was a Star Wars website.

It contained many links to other Star Wars websites, and was a great help to fans as they "surfed the 'Net."

One example: a 1999 example page via an archived link.


All pictures and themes are copyright © Lucasfilm, Ltd. or their creators. All original work is protected by intellectual property laws. No copyright infringement is intended by - we are a fan site. is the only official Star Wars web site. "Bantha Tracks" originally was the name of the Journal of the Official Star Wars / Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine in the 1980's.

Fan Comments

From a fan in early 2000:

Finding a particular Star Wars web site on the Internet is very much akin to to finding that proverbial needle in a haystack. Type the key words "Star Wars" in any search engine and you'll be swamped with millions of reverences and sites. Not much good if you're interested in one particular site or type of site.

Therefore, the aptly named ( is especially welcome. From here, you can link to hundreds of Star Wars sites but the difference is they are ordered into categories and rated according to number of hits and also the votes of visitors. You can even give a vote to a site that you've visited from the list.

In addition, BanthaTracks offers a convenient search facility of its own, so you can enter in the name or other specific site information and it will search through all the sites and categories for appropriate matches. Certainly well worth checking out if you're a regular Star Wars surfer. [1]


  1. ^ from Tales of the Empire #11