Bandom BFF Fest

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Name: Bandom BFF Fest
Date(s): February/March 2012, February/March 2013
Moderator(s): lalejandra
Founder: lalejandra
Fandom: Bandom
Associated Community: AO3 Collection
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The Bandom BFF Fest is a multimedia (fic, podfic, art, vidding) challenge dedicated to the gen friendship relationship between two characters.

Bands Included in "Bandom"

  • MCR (& Killjoys)
  • FOB
  • Panic
  • TYV
  • Cobras
  • TAI
  • Hush Sound
  • Gold Motel
  • Gym Class Heroes
  • Empires


1. Don't be an asshole. Seriously.

2. Length/size requirements:

  • FIC: 1000 words or longer
  • PODFIC: Please record a story that is 1000 words or longer; your podfic recording should be longer than five minutes.
  • ART: Any artwork should show at least one complete scene. Whether that is one large image or a set of icons or a comic strip, etc., is up to you.
  • VID: A vid for the prompt should be 35 seconds or longer.

3. Podfic and art can be original or transformative; both are acceptable. Fic should be original, not a remix.

4. The main focus of the work should be the friendship between two characters. This does not mean the work cannot have romantic or sexual relationships; it only means that the primary focus of the work should be the gen friendship relationship between the two requested characters.