Bad Romance (Merlin vid)

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Title: Bad Romance
Creator: Nuarity
Date: 19 Februar 2010 (YouTube)
20 February 2010 (LiveJournal)
Format: digital vid
Length: 02:32 min
Music: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Genre: slash vid
Fandom: Merlin
Footage: Series 1 & 2, kissing manip
URL: Bad Romance (Livejournal)
Bad Romance (YouTube)

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Streaming version at YouTube

Bad Romance is a Merlin/Arthur vid by Nuarity. It's a fun PWP where Merlin and Arthur have a lot of sex, thanks to all the season two footage with sweaty Merlin and Arthur and scenes with a half-naked Arthur in bed. The vid recontextualizes scenes of Arthur romancing Lady Vivian to make it appear that he is pursuing Merlin and it offhandedly includes a convincing kissing manip that seems very much at home in the context of the vid.

Length: 02:32 | Size: 55,0 MB (wmv, download link). The YouTube version has ~13,800 views and more than 230 comments, most of them very enthusiastic about the editing and the manip.

The vid won the Merlin Slash Awards in the category "Best Crack" (Arthur/Merlin Fanvids) and it was shown at Vividcon's "Newbies Rock" vidshow in 2010.[1]


  • "This is very good - the kiss is brilliantly done, and I laughed SO MUCH at Arthur demonstrating the, er, size of something to a very disbelieving look from Merlin."[2]
  • "The little sequence around 1:40 was pure genius. Incredibly smooth manips. Loved it!" (Cheeyuu, Youtube)
  • "Your editing is absolutely superb and it made me laugh at various times. And the kiss! Well, suffice it to say, wow -- that's quite an achievement!"[3]
  • "seriously...give me a second to compose my thoughts... 1. I had no idea they had such a kinky love life..they even put each other in jail. 2. I laughed at the was random... 3. I never knew a chicken would make me think of so many sexual innuendos. 4. Your editing kicks ass." (Sarcastic07, YouTube)
  • "No slash fanvid has ever made me laugh so much! This was just straight up entertaining, and hot, and awesome." (josshouse, YouTube)
  • "Is that really Merlin and Arthur Kissing?" (egrant8283, YouTube)



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