Bad Guys Finish First

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Title: Bad Guys Finish First
Publisher: Bloodmoon Press (out of Canada)
(Bill Hupe, agent and distributor)
Editor(s): Rhonda Stovin
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia and Original Fiction (horror)
Language: English
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front cover by Peter Francis
back cover by Patricia Roe

Bad Guys Finish First is a gen 120-page anthology.

"For the people who cheer the so-called 'Bad Guys'."


The interior illustrations are by Sabina Mollot, Robert W. Howington, Patricia A. Roe, Kat Jaz, Denise Stovin, David B. Riley, Tippi Blevins, Peter Francis, Joanne Madge, and Louise Dragon.

The front cover is by Peter Francis, the back by Patricia A. Roe.

From the Editorial

Hello and welcome to the realm of bad guys!

This zine has been an idea of mine for a couple of years, and a baby of mine for nearly as long. (All it's missing is the 2 a.m. feeding and the diaper changes ~ though on occasion I have worried that it stinks. I am now convinced otherwise.)

I had the idea for the zine after I watched Hollywood's "Prince of Thieves" and found myself cheering on George, the Sheriff of Nottingham, more than Robin, the supposed hero. After Robin won in the end, I was of course very disappointed, and felt that the Sheriff should have another chance. Isn't is just George's luck that the zine inspired by him should have no stories about him. (And in case you are wondering: yes, his name was George. Watch his wedding scene again if you require proof.)

flyer for a second issue, which was likely not published

This is my first time editing a fanzine, and I think it's turned out beautifully. I've managed to jam-pack the thing full of great stories, creepy poems, gorgeous pictures, and funny cartoons. I warn you, however, some of them are not for the faint of heart! Read them at your own risk! Most of the stories revolve around original characters whom the authors have dreamt up to haunt you, though the odd one is based on characters from TV or movies. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed putting them together.

In fact, I had so much fun editing this zine that I've decided to do a sequel! BGFF 2 will be coming out whenever I have enough stories, poems, and artwork to print it up! (Probably another year or so.) The catch is that this time I want the whole thing to be about evil characters on TV or in the movies!


1 hope this zine makes you think about who society generally considers to be the 'bad guys', and to reconsider whether they really are or not. if nothing else, I hope BGFF makes you laugh a little, cringe a little, and have nightmares a lot.

This zine is dedicated to the best bad guy I know, the real Dracula, Vlad Tepes of Romania, for being such an incredible guy and having such an amazing lifetime . . . and afterlife . . ?

Stay bad!


  • Bad EttiQuette by Denise Stovin (Star Trek: TNG) (a Q and Guinan story) (5)
  • Tours in Prison, poem by Robert Loudin (a poke at Penn State) (9)
  • Efficiency Expert by Don Hornbostel (10)
  • In a Room That Leads to the Alley, poem by Robert W. Howington (14)
  • Graft Job, poem by john alan douglas (15)
  • Painted Branches by Louise Dragon (16)
  • The Artist, poem by Saadia R (20)
  • Anti Xmas I, poem by john alan douglas (21)
  • How the Wolf Got Revenge by Kat Jaz (22)
  • Atop the Jungle, poem by john alan douglas (25)
  • Tick-Tock by David G. Baraett (26)
  • He Was A Very Stubborn S.O.B., poem by Robert W. Howington (33)
  • Torturer to a Prisoner of War, poem by Jocko (34)
  • The Cretan Priestess by Nyani Martin (35)
  • The Dumb Luck of the Stupid, poem by Robert W. Howington (36)
  • First Lady by Barbara Custer (Dark Shadows) (37)
  • Devious Trio, poem by Betty J. Silconas (49)
  • Killing Spree by Robert Steven Rhine (50)
  • Too Chicken Shit to Call the Cops We Sat There and Listened to O Tell Us How He Had Just Murdered Two People Execution Style, poem by Robert W. Howington (52)
  • A Tall Tale by Larry Letemplier (53)
  • a cardboard life, poem by Robert Loudin (58)
  • Rags to Riches, poem by john alan douglas (58)
  • Borg! by Joanne Madge (Star Trek: TNG) (59)
  • Vampyre, poem by Riyn Gray (65)
  • Pablo Escobar Searches For Visible Signs, poem by Jocko (66)
  • The Carnivorist, poem by Jocko (69)
  • Taking Out the Garbage by Robert Steven Rhine (70)
  • My Love-Poem to DeNomolos, poem by Joan Smash (74)
  • The Smell of Gunsmoke, The Cry of Dogs by Aaron B. Larson (75)
  • Chain of Things to Come, poem by Jocko (77)
  • Just No Pleasing ... by Denise Stovin (The Muppets) (78)
  • the cyclops speaks, poem by john alan douglas (81)
  • The Snowman by Larry Letemplier (82)
  • crowding the roads, poem by Robert Loudin (88)
  • One Night Stand by Dinah Bear (89)
  • My Mortal Love, poem by Patricia A. Roe (90)
  • The Violence On TV, poem by Jorko (92)
  • Burned Alive by Robert Steven Rhine (93)
  • Mister Coyote by David B. Riley (Roadrunner and Coyote) (96)
  • Vacation, poem by Saadia R (98)
  • Some Poems Make Sense, poem by Robert W. Howington (99)
  • Useless Distinction, poem by Saadia R (100)
  • Brooms by Jon-Michael Emory (102)
  • Trailblazer, poem by Robert Loudin (108)
  • Close Your Eyes by R.J. Fanucchi (109)
  • "Taking It With You!", poem by Betty J. Silconas (112)
  • Learning to Speak Klingon, poem by Jocko (Star Trek) (113)
  • The Love of a Night Crawler by Rhonda Stovin (Nick Knight) (114)
  • Irks, poem by Saadia R (123)

Sample Interior