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Mailing List
Name: BadBoyAngelusFic
Date(s): 25 September 1999 - 21 October 2019
Moderated: Yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: AngellGem
Founder(s): AngellGem
Type: Discussion, news
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Scope: General
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Bad Boy Angelus Fic was a Yahoo group.

It began along with the Angel series in September 1999 and had erratic posting during its life, with relatively few posts during the time the series was running (until 2004). Posting activity actually hit a peak in 2013-2014 with spam posts exceeding 1000 posts a month, and the spambots began to overrun the list by 2006 although there were still on-topic posts being made at that time.

The group was linked to a Geocities website.

As of 2019, it had 687 members.


This is a list for people who love to read and write Angelus fic. No...Not *Angel*..Just *Angelus*. You know, the one with the leather pants (0: so if you like Angelus/Buffy, Angelus/Willow/ Angelus/Oz, Angelus/Spike, etcetra, etcetra...This is definitley the list for you!

1. All fic MUST have Angelus as one of the main characters. This means that thee can't be any Buffy/Angel centered fics sent to this list. If it is Buffy/Angel/Angelus, then that's a different thing....((LOL))

2. Flames are not allowed. If you do it once, you'll be warned. If you continue to do it, you will be banned No one likes to see their work totally trashed.

3. ALL ratings are allowed.

4. Initial requests for BETA readers are allowed, but any further discussion about a particular fic needs to be discussed through personal e-mail or IM's.

5. If there is something that you really want everyone to read and it isn't fic, please include OT ((off topic)) in the subject heading.

6. All fics sent to this list will most likely be archived on my website and others may archive it on their websites. If you don't want your fic to be archived, please say so in your Author's Notes.

7. When you submit a fic, PLEASE make sure it has the following: (this makes it easier for me to archive)

  • Author's Name/Alias:
  • Author's E-mail Address:
  • Title:
  • Part: (if it is a multiple part story)
  • Classification:
  • Disclaimer:
  • Spoilers Warning:
  • Author's Notes:
  • Feedback:

Sample Posts

September 25, 1999

I have seen a whole lot of unconventional couples stories. The two couples that I've never read a story about are Angelus/Oz and Angelus/Giles. If you have a very creative mind, try to write a story about either or *both* ((gives a naughty smile)) of these couples.

~List Mommy

PS: I just want everyone to know that you can post challenges if you want to.

October 28, 2006

I'm looking for some fanfic about Angelus and Connor dealing with Angel The Series 4th season episodes Soulless,Calvary,Salvage,Release,Orpheus.

Can Anyone help me out