Back To The Place

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Title: Back To The Place
Author(s): behindthec, RedOrchid
Date(s): 2009-02-19-2013-04-10
Length: 92,715 words (8 chapters)
Genre: slash, post-Cabin Fic
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco, Bandom
External Links: Masterpost on behindthec's LiveJournal

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Back To The Place is a Ryden fanfiction by behindthec and RedOrchid.

Summary: Once upon a time, Panic went to a cabin in the mountains to write an album they never made. One night there, something happened that Ryan tried to forget. Two years later, he still hasn't.

Notes: Post-cabin cabin fic. I realize how morbid my summary sounds, like he got attacked by a rapist or something. I promise this'll make you smile lots with minimal angst: just boys being their stupid selves. I've never written epic straight-up Brendon/Ryan, so this is a treat. Epic thanks to [ profile] redorchids for sharing my brain/soul contributing several scenes, endlessly brainstorming the last few chapters with me, and creating the official trailer.