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Name: BNA: Brand New Animal
BNA ビー・エヌ・エー, Bī Enu Ē
Abbreviation(s): BNA
Creator: Studio TRIGGER, Yoh Yoshinari, Kazuki Nakashima, Nekise Ise and Asano
anime series
April 8, 2020 – June 24, 2020
light novels
April 23, 2020
manga series
May 29, 2020 – present
Medium: Television, Light Novel, Manga
Country of Origin: Japan
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BNA: Brand New Animal, or simply known as BNA by Netflix internationally, is an original Japanese anime television series produced by Studio Trigger and directed by Yoh Yoshinari.


Throughout history, humans have been at odds with Beastmen—a species capable of changing shape due to their genetic "Beast Factor." Because of this conflict, Beastmen have been forced into hiding. Anima City serves as a safe haven for these oppressed individuals to live free from human interference.

During a festival celebrating the town's 10th anniversary, Michiru Kagemori, a human who suddenly turned into a tanuki, finds that Anima City is a far cry from paradise. After witnessing an explosion in the square, she is confronted by Shirou Ogami, a seemingly indestructible wolf and sworn protector of all Beastmen. As they pursue the criminals behind the bombing, the two discover that Michiru is anything but an ordinary Beastman, and look to investigate her mysterious past and uncanny abilities. Could she turn out to be the missing link between Humans and Beastmen?

Other media

During Anime Expo 2019, Trigger revealed that they are producing a new original anime television series that is directed by Yoh Yoshinari and written by Kazuki Nakashima.[1] Yusuke Yoshigaki is designing the characters, and mabanua is composing the series' music.[2]

The series premiered on Fuji TV's +Ultra anime programming block, BS Fuji, and other channels from April 8 to June 24, 2020.[3][4]


A manga adaptation illustrated by Asano began in Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump web magazine on May 29, 2020.[5]


A prequel novel BNA Zero: Massara ni Narenai Kemono-tachi (The Animals That Can't Be Brand New) written by Nekise Ise was released on April 23, 2020.[6][7]


The show's soundtrack was released on June 24, 2020.[8]


BNA: Brand New Animal was nominated for a Ursa Major Award in the Best Dramatic Series category.[9][10] The Ursa Major awards are given in the field of furry fandom works and are the main awards in the field of anthropomorphism.[11][12] BNA is nominated for an Annie Award for Best Character Design in TV/Media .[13]


Even containing few episodes, the anime and its adaptations were embraced by the furry fandom due to its anthropomorphic characters having even received awards about this universe. However, online fan activity seems small compared to other furry fandoms.

Fanwork creation is affected by this, as in AO3 until February 2022 there was an average of 300 fanfics. Most NSFW, with most tags involving some kind of violence, kinks or even BDSM.

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