BNA: Brand New Animal

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Name: BNA: Brand New Animal
BNA ビー・エヌ・エー
Abbreviation(s): BNA
Creator: Studio Trigger
Date(s): March-May 2020
Medium: Anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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BNA: Brand New Animal, or simply BNA, is a twelve episode anime series produced by Studio Trigger in 2020. The first half of the series was released directly to Netflix in March 2020, with the second half following in May.


BNA takes place in a world where humans and 'Beastmen', or anthropomorphic animal like beings with an ability to take a human form, live together. Due to persecution from humans, many Beastmen choose to live in a Beastmen only city called Anima City.

The plot centers around the human Michiru Kagemori, who one day turns into a tanuki Beastman for unknown reasons. Seeking answers and a way to cure what she assumes is a disease, she travels to Anima City, where she meets the wolf Beastman Shirou Ogami. The two end up working together to investigate Michiru's transformation, only to end up entangled in a conspiracy that threatens all Beastmen.


Due to the fact that BNA features anthropomorphic animals as characters, many fans are also members of the furry fandom.