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You may be looking for Author's Note, the part of a fanwork header.

Title: Author's Notes
Author(s): Geale
Date(s): 2008-2010
Fandom: Lord of the Rings FPF
External Links: Mirrormere

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Author's Notes is a novel-length slash story written by Geale. It is a humorous account of the Fellowship's quest told from Aragorn's POV. The pairing is Aragorn/Legolas.

Author's Notes started out as a oneshot with the premise that Elrond urges Aragorn to write (with rhymes, and everything) an account of his latest patrol. While Aragorn struggles with his rather mediocre skills as a poet, Legolas comes along to properly distract him. The story was later continued and the plot now covers all three The Lord of the Rings novels by J.R.R. Tolkien - or at least the parts that include Aragorn.

The story stands out, because angst and drama are usually the predominant genres for this particular pairing. Geale instead decided to write lighthearted humour without making the story crack. The story is full of witty dialogue, mostly provided by Legolas. Aragorn, in the face of such superior elven intelligence, gets by with monosyllabic responses like "well", "so" and sometimes even "I see". This is counterbalanced by bits taken directly from Tolkien, which only enhances the humour since Tolkien's very formal dialogue looks overly dramatic and stilted in contrast to the rest of the text. At some point, Legolas even encourages Aragorn to "Go for some of that drama".

Poems play a big part in the story, since Aragorn is struggling with his writing during the quest. For anyone interested in just reading the poetry (with added notes), Geale posted them as Author's Notes: The Complete Poems. The post includes such gems as "Oh, creature of bark, and leaf, and root,/ away your presence I shove –/with my boot!" and even "Beneath the golden leaves I rest, and dream intently of his chest."