Aureum Soleil

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Title: Aureum Soleil
Date(s): 2022
Medium: Print, PDF
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Language: English
External Links: Twitter
Zine Cover
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Aureum Soleil is a for-profit fanzine centered on the character Aether from Genshin Impact.


Contributor applications for this project ran from March 1-22, 2021[1].

Preorders opened on July 16, 2021 and ran until August 16, 2021, with the following pricing tiers:

  • Wayward Traveler ($15 USD): PDF
  • Windmill Aster ($25 USD): Physical Zine
  • Artifact of the Stars ($30 USD): Prints + Charms + Buttons + Stickers + Sticky Notes + Enamel Pin
  • The Golden Sun ($60 USD): Physical Zine + Prints + Charms + Buttons + Stickers + Sticky Notes + Enamel Pin + PDF

The zine PDF was available for $5 USD as an add-on on the Windmill Aster and Artifact of the Stars tiers. Merch was also available individually for separate preorder.

As an early bird promotion during preorders, the first 25 orders were able to get 15% off using a code[2]. The zine Twitter also conducted two giveaways of full bundles plus bonus rewards during the preorder period, ending August 4[3] and August 19[4].

Seven stretch goals were included in the project: two A6 miniprints at 25%, a washi tape and badge at 30%, a lollipop charm at 40%, an omamori at 45%, a pencil pouch at 50%, gold foil on the cover at 70%, and a concept artbook at 100%[5]. The pencil pouch (the fifth of seven, at 50%) was the highest of the stretch goals tiers announced as achieved, on August 15, 2021[6].

On September 28 and 29, 2021, there was a reopening of the online store with stock limited to digital and physical books, with no stretch goal eligibility[7].

The zine experienced some delays in production, announcing on December 7, 2021 that they were changing manufacturers for their zine books[8] due to printing issues[9]. The new manufacturer's sample was received and greenlit by January 3, 2022[10], and the team announced that they had shipped every order except group orders (which they planned to send throughout the week) on March 28, 2022[11].

Online leftover sales ran from July 29, 2022 to September 3, 2022, with the first 50 orders able to get 25% off their book-only purchases with a code[12]. This zine was also available along with free limited-availability bonus merch at a number of conventions around that period: Anime Expo (July 1-4)[13], Otakon (July 29-31)[14], and Saboten Con (September 2-4)[15].

There was one final discounted flash sale on September 23, 2022[16]. On that same day, they announced that they had finished shipping for this project[17].


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