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"Be the kind of person your future self won't regret having been."
—Audie's favorite saying
Name: Audie (モニカ, Monica)
Occupation: Villager
Fandom: Animal Crossing
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Audie (モニカ, Monika) is a peppy wolf villager in the Animal Crossing series.


Audie first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020), and was added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (2017) to coincide with the former's release. As of the release of New Horizons, she is the only peppy wolf in the series. Though not officially confirmed by Nintendo, gaming news outlets reported that her English name may come from 87-year-old fan Audrey Buchanan (also known as "Animal Crossing Grandma"), who went viral on the Internet in 2019 after her grandson posted a YouTube video showing off her intricate virtual town crafted over 3 580 hours playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2012); Buchanan had named her player character Audie.[1]


Due to Audie's unique orange coloring and default catchphrase ("foxtrot"), some fans believe that Audie is meant to be a fox.

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