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Online Convention
Name: Atlanticon
Dates: January 2003 & June 2004
Type: Fan-run
Focus: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Founder: Rebmakash and GoblinQueeen
URL: (Archived link)
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Not to be confused with Atlanti-Con the scifi/fantasy convention in Newfoundland.

Atlanticon was an online convention celebrating Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It was a collaboration between the webmistresses of the fansites Whitmore Industries and The City of Atlantis.

It was first held January 2-5 2003[1] and again on June 12 & 13 of 2004.

Events included panels and discussions held on the Hearts & Souls forum, on topics such as "Is Milo king at the end of the movie?", "So, if you were the crystal, how'd you feel about all this?", "How do those vehicles work?!", etc.

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