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Science Fiction Convention
Name: Astronomicon
Frequency: the third one was in 1994
Location: Rochester, NY
Focus: science fiction, books, Star Trek
Organization: The Rochester Fantasy Fans, a club out of Rochester, New York
Founding Date:
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Astronomicon was a Rochester, NY science fiction and media con.

flyer for the third con

The third con was held March 4–6, 1994 at the Radisson Inn Rochester.

  • Author Guest of Honor: Jack Chalker
  • Media Guest of Honor: Grace Lee Whitney
  • Artist Guests of Honor: Frank Kelly Freas and Laura Brodian-Freas
  • Fan Guest of Honor: jan howard finder (aka Wombat)
  • other guests: SF/Fantasy Authors: Nancy Kress, Robert J. Sawyer, Mark Garland, John Allen Price, Doranna Durgin, Nick Dichario—TNG/DS9 script writer: Sarah Higley/Sally Caves -- "Bewitched" book author: Herbie J. Pilato—Filk Artists: Urban Tapestry and Larry "The Doctor" Stewart