Ask The Author: Kellifer fic

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Ask the Author: Kellifer fic
Interviewee: Kellifer fic
Date(s): October 14, 2008
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Supernatural
External Links: interview and comments are here; reference link
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Kellifer fic was interviewed for Supernatural Roundtable.

Some Excerpts

I've been in fandom since about 2005 I think all told and started writing fanfiction with a completely horrible Mary-Sue infested Young Guns story at the tender age of about 10 when I didn't actually know what fanfiction was. A friend put me onto Yahoo groups and FF.Net when I'd devoured Stargate SG-1 and then I followed a few authors I liked to livejournal. I already had an account here and started posting (heavily f-locked) stories on my personal journal before creating my fandom journal.

I was a late starter to Supernatural - a full season had been shown here (Australia) and although I had been a Cute!Dean fan from Gilmore Girls, I didn't really feel compelled to follow him to a new show. Then my flist started talking about this amazing show and I checked out a couple of episodes and discovered it was astonishingly cute boys running, jumping and climbing over things and I was sold.

I'm mostly a gen writer but I do dabble from time to time in other areas. I have a thing for AUs, crack and real punch-to-the-gut writing.

My first Supernatural story was... actually I think a crossover with QAF that I wrote as a pitch-hit for a crossover pairing ficathon called Drawn.

I think I'm probably best known for my Doll!Dean stories and my gen Wing!fic 'verse.
There's writing process and then there's fingerpainting with words. I would love to write with the former but I'm afraid I'm most definitely the latter. The problem with that is that sometimes I can come up with something that just works but there's always the danger of it being a big old mess, too many colours and smudges to actually be a cohesive whole.

I don't have one method either. Sometimes a scene will just occur to me, kind of play out in my head when I'm lying in bed or in the shower. It's almost like someone having a great idea for a kitchen and then remembering that they'll have to build a house around it. Sometimes I just start from the beginning and write till I reach the end, not knowing where it's going to take me. Again, dangerous because I've got quite a few stories languishing because I've written myself into corners and can't find a way out.

I keep meaning to do myself outlines, especially for longer stories. I spectacularly failed at getting done my spn_bigbang for just this reason because I had the idea but not the way to execute it.

So planning? No, no real planning to speak of here. *laughs*