As Many As Stars In The Sky

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Title: As Many As Stars In The Sky
Podfic Artist(s): winkingstar
Cover Artist:
Date(s): May 4, 2008
Length: 0:18:01
File: 16.5MB mp3
Based On: As Many As Stars In The Sky
Author: vehemently
Fandom: The Neverending Story
External Links: mp3

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As Many As Stars In The Sky is a gen podfic by winkingstar (0:18:01).

Summary: And now at last is the time for that other story. Come here, child, sit quietly, and listen.

"This fic is more based on the book version, but you'll be fine if you've only seen the movie. Or neither, even. It works perfectly fine as a standalone story. If you've read the book, this reads like one of the zillions of side-stories that are alluded to and left to the reader to imagine."[1]"

Recs and Reviews

  • "made me pick my copy of 'The Neverending Story' from the bookshelf and start reading it again :)"[2]
  • "Oh, this was delightful! And your reading was very like a bedtime story, too."[3]
  • "This was such a gorgeously written story and I never would have read or heard of it if you hadn't chosen it to record. Your voice was perfect and I only wish that I had have been laying in bed trying to sleep when I was listening to it instead of running around cleaning my house:)"[4]


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