Artist Questions: Anke Eissmann

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Artist Questions: Anke Eissmann
Interviewer: Khorana
Interviewee: Anke Eissmann
Date(s): November 20, 2015
Medium: online
External Links: could be dangerous - Artist Questions, Archived version
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Artist Questions: Anke Eissmann

Fandoms: Temeraire, Sherlock BBC, and Lord of the Rings.


Is there a medium you just can’t get to work for you?

Digital painting, because I don’t do it enough to gain sufficient practice. I have an old Wacom tablet, but I rarely use it because when I need to draw something, even if it’s going to be coloured digitally or turned into vector graphics, I can do it with a pen or pencil in a tenth of the time and then scan it. So … yeah. I sometime think I should get a new and better one and practice more, but then I draw a lot in my sketchbook during breaks at school or when I’m traveling, and I don’t really want to spend too much time in front of a computer screen.

I also don’t paint a lot in oil or acrylics because these techniques take time (particularly oil) and space.

Do you think one of your pictures is overrated/underrated?

If you consider the notes a picture gets on tumblr, well, there not really indicative of quality, I found. More than once, a wip drawing shittily photographed with my phone gets more notes than the clear scan of the finished drawing. With tumblr, it often depends far more when you post something, and who is around at the time to reblog it, then what you post.

Some of my coloured pencil drawings kinda fell under the radar, but that may be due to the fact that they’re illustrations for fanfics which people haven’t read, and some don’t even feature Sherlock, at least not in human shape, as in this illustration for my Horselock story The Horse and his Doctor.

What would you describe as your comfort zone?

Drawing people from photographic reference (particularly Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock ;)), drawing/painting horses and all kinds of natural things like plants and trees. In the past few years I’ve also gotten better at drawing from life because I’ve been doing it a lot in museums, or even at live events such as readings or performances.