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Title: Arrow's Message
Editor(s): Stephanie Wong (Herald Janel)
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1990-1992?
Frequency: bimonthly?
Medium: print
Fandom: Valdemar
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Arrow's Message is a gen Valdemar fanzine.

"Valdemar" is series of books by Mercedes Lackey.


From the first issue:

"Arrow's Message" is a not-for-profit zine existing solely for the purpose of further spreading the love of Mercedes Lackey's work by exploring her creation of Valdemar and other surrounding kingdoms within the world of Velgarth. There is no intention to violate existing or future copyrights held by Mercedes Lackey or her heirs. Its present emphasis is on an alternate timeline for Valdemar, where Kris didn't die. This timeline is used by permission of Mercedes Lackey.

At the end of 1990 the editor wrote:

Stephanie Wong has completed a very successful first year. Stephanie says "Good News! Because of the astounding amount of submissions I've been receiving lately, I've decided to expand the 'zine to 36 pages this year. This means that subscriptions rates will be increased to $2.50 an issue or $15 a year to help offset the additional printing and mailing costs. If you haven't read an issue of AM yet, then I strongly suggest you do. The work that comes out from our submitters is absolutely phenomenal. If you're interested in guidelines, drop me a note. Please remember to include a SASE. Lady Bless! [1]

First "Valdemar" Zine

It was the first "approved" Valdemar fanzine to get off the ground.[2]

From an ad in the November 1989 Queen's Own newsletter:

First out of the starting blocks is Stephanie Wong. Stephanie writes, "I'm starting a zine, ARROW'S MESSAGE, based on Misty's Velgarth, (the planet where Valdemar and Rethwellan are located). We'll be publishing poems, art, stories, songs, etc. [3]

From a note in the Queen's Own newsletter: ...Our oldest zine is Arrow's Message. Both its artwork and prose have been consistently above average..."[4]


All Valdemar zines are to follow strict guidelines set by the author Mercedes Lackey. In turn, fanzine editors would publish their own guidelines. From March 1990:

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE is herewith tendered to Stephanie Wong for making extraordinary and viable adjustments to her standards and guidelines for ARROW'S MESSAGE in order to allow more aspiring authors the opportunity to be included in her zine.

Stephanie writes, "I've come to slowly realize that the existing guidelines for ARROW'S MESSAGE are much too harsh and unreasonable. After taking a different point of view, I've written a new and more lenient set of guidelines. For those poor souls who were unfortunate enough to read the previous ones, my fervent apologies. Please write again for the new set.

"For those of you who have dabbled (if not more than dabbled) in Misty's world, especially those who are currently working on your personas, please write also. I would like to print your accomplishments in the zine and share them with the rest of us Misty fans. The zine's purpose is to further our love for Misty's work through our own creations . . . . "

The first 12 page "mini-zine" edition of ARROW'S MESSAGE will have come "hot off the press" by the time this reaches you. Judith and I regret that we weren't able to tell you sooner, as Stephanie had asked Judith to let you know so that you could order by March 21, but normally I start the final draft of each month's issue about mid-month, thereby allowing Judith at least two weekends for the copying and mailing processes, and this month I took even longer unfortunately.

For a copy of her new guidelines, please send Stephanie a SASE and 25¢ in coin for copying costs. I strongly recommend that you place the quarter between two pieces of cardboard or 3 X 5" cards which are then stapled or taped together. Otherwise, it may not reach her. [5]

1990 Guidelines


Arrow's Message is a non-profit fanzine, existing purely for the enjoyment of Mercedes Lackey's fans who wish to further her creation of Valdemar through their own work. Our present emphasis is on an alternate timeline provided by Misty in the October 1989 issue of Queen's Own:

"Each individual is free to develop a persona in accordance with the

setting described in ray books, however, copyrighted characters may not be used for this purpose... You also cannot use my copyrighted characters as major characters in any story you may write. If they're passin' through...that's okay. You may not violate the Rules of the Books; no black Companions, no Grove-Bom Companions, no one discovering how to use magic Please, no Herald-Mages; I'd prefer for personas to stay entirely in Talia's time. And using an alternate time-line in which Kris doesn't die, but staggers into camp about a day after Dirk rescues Talia... Your persona may be any sex you choose. Hawkbrothers are Out; royalty is Out; Herald-Mages are Out. You may be Shin'a'in.. .and even Sword Sworn—but ^ou'd better not be [Kal'endral] on blood-feud.

For those of you who want to be Bards or Healers, go right ahead... No

Tayledras, please..."

Submissions to Arrow's Message may consist of anything you've created within the world of Velgarth. If you're thinking of writing technical/information type of article, including persona bios, you might consider submitting to our supplement issue. For each submission accepted, you'll receive a free copy of the issue in 2hich it appears. Please note that we do not credit free issues, until after your submission has been printed. Send a copy of your submission, not the original. The postal service has been known to misplace things - permanently. Submissions should be neatly printed or typed in blue or black ink. If possible, we'd prefer typewritten submissions to be: single-spaced, single-sided, one-inch margins (including top and bottom), 12 pitch, and title and by-lines printed in a way that stand out (be it bold-faced, underlined, or quoted). Art submissions should be sent photo-ready. Anyone interested in doing illustrations of other stories/poems should write to us.

Submissions will always be returned at least once with any comments we have. Please include a SASE with sufficient postage for its return, otherwise, we hope you get a guilt-trip for draining the 'zine of money it doesn't have. It generally works out better if you enclose the stamps within the envelope; we will use only 2hat we need and return the rest to you. Overseas submitters are not expected to include an envelope, though sending either stamps or money to cover the return (45$ per 5 ounce) will be appreciated.

Subscriptions are $2.50 an issue or $15 annually. Annual subscriptions include 6 bimonthly 36 page issues and the supplement issue. Overseas subscriptions are $5 an issue or $30 a year, mailed within a manila envelope. Please make checks and money orders

payable to Jin Wong. On the upper right hand corner of your mailing label will be: the expiration issue of your subscription/the number of free issues credited (if applicable).

V.1 N.1

Arrow's Message V.1 N.1 was published in Mar/Apr. 1990 and contains 12 pages. It has a cover by Kiri Namtvedt.

front cover of v.1 n.1, Kiri Namtvedt: "Talia and Rolan"
  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • Homecoming, fiction by Kiri Namtvedt (3)
  • Heart's Love, poem by S.W. (7)
  • Fish-Heads, fiction by Perrenelle Doublehanded (8)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Stephanie Wong's first issue of her zine, Arrow's Message, is on my kitchen table. Have you ordered your copy? She and her contributors have done a great job. The cover, by Kiri Namtvedt, is magnificent! Send your stories, poems, and/or artwork. [6]

V.1 N.2

Arrow's Message V.1 N.2 was published in May/June 1990 and contains 12 pages.

front cover of v.1 n.2, not credited
  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • Roge Yard, fiction by S. La Grimas (2)
  • Healing, part one, fiction by Kiri Namtvedt (4)
  • Lackeyfish, original lyrics by Cat Faber (9)
  • What Good Are the Heralds?, fiction by Jaed Astra (10)

V.1 N.3

Arrow's Message V.1 N.3 was published in July/Aug. 1990 and contains 20 pages.

front cover of v.1 n.3, "Death of Efani" by Kiri Namtvedt
from v.1 n.3, "Companion" by Kiri Namtvedt

From the editor:

It's heart-wrenching to know that last issue is lost somewhere within the caverns of the postal system. It's probably more my fault than their's (there was a mad rush putting it together), but I feel better laying the guilt on them. If you haven't received your copy (a hope that some of them got through since I didn't get irate letters from all of you) please let me know ASAP (this includes those of you who asked for issue #1 since they were mailed at the same time). I'll re-order the printing once I know just how many I need. My apologies for the delay.

Fair Winds - Stephanie Wong

  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • Healing, part two, fiction by Kiri Namtvedt (3)
  • Dance in Honor, fiction by Catherine Faber (7)
  • Tam's Song, original lyrics by Linden, Rowan's-daughter, of White Mist Steading (10)
  • The Glow of Life, fiction by Stephanie Wong (11)
  • A Matter of Riddles, fiction by Diana Gill (16)
  • Baum Aleman, fiction by S.La Grimas (19

V.1 N.4

Arrow's Message V.1 N.4 was published in Sept/Oct. 1990 and contains 20 pages.

front cover of v.1 n.4, Kiri Namtvedt
from v.1 n.4, Kiri Namtvedt
  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • The Prodigal Returns, fiction by Kiri Namtvedt (3)
  • Choices, fiction by Catherine Faber (11)
  • Prayer to Astera - Lady of the Stars, poem by Diana Gill (17)
  • Walce Black, fiction, not credited (18)

V.1 N.5

Arrow's Message V.1 N.5 was published in Nov/Dec. 1990 and contains 23 pages.

front cover of v.1 n.5, Kiri Namtvedt
from v.1 n.5, Kiri Namtvedt
  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • Heart's Desire, fiction by Catherine Faber (3)
  • Terrene Serves, ficiton by S. La Grimas (13)
  • A Hereld's Calling, poem by Catherine Thomas aka Herald Aerin Lethwind (15)
  • The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Women, fiction by Jaed Astra (16)
  • Love's Lament, poem by Vicki McElfresh (19)
  • Ooops, fiction by Diana Gill (20)

V.1 N.6

Arrow's Message V.1 N.6 was published in Jan/Feb. 1991 and contains 23 pages.

front cover of v.1 n.6, Nami Sasaki
  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • a ballot for fans to vote on their favorite fiction in this zine, the answers were printed in the 1991 Supplement (2)
  • Silver Eyes, fiction by Catherine Faber (3)
  • The Learned Griffon, poem by Catherine Faber (11)
  • Lulu, the Healer-Ho, fiction by Herald Aerin Lethwind (12)
  • Finding Home Half Side to Nowhere, fiction by Sara Ryan (13)
  • Poet's Tree (19)
  • Memories, poem by Stephanie Wong (20)

V.1 N.7

Arrow's Message V.1 N.7 was published in Mar/Apr. 1991 and contains 36 pages.

cover of v.1 n.7, "Chained to Life." Kiri Namtvedt
  • Acknowledgements (2)
  • Chained to Life, fiction by Stephanie D. Shaver (3)
  • The Herald's Ride, poem by Kiri Namtvedt (9)
  • Herald Egrain, fiction by Sinji La Grimas (11)
  • North Trade Road, fiction by Herald Tarn (12)
  • The Choosing, poem by Herald Tarn (18)
  • Friends, fiction by Stephanie Wong (19)
  • The Hero of Stony Tor, poem by Catherine Faber (23)
  • Simple Answers, fiction by Kiri Namtvedt (24)
  • Lifebond, poem by Stephanie Wong (30)
  • The Lesson, fiction by Dana Jeanne Norris (31)

V.1 N.8

Arrow's Message V.1 N.8 was published in May–June 1991 and contains 36 pages.

cover of v.1 n.8 -- "A New Wind" illo by K. Namtvedt, lettering by D. Tang

The art is by Nami Sasaki and Kiri Namtvedt.

  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • The Queen's Prayer by Catherine Faber, illo by Kiri Namtvedt (3)
  • A New Wind by S. La Grimas and S. Wong (4)
  • Wind's Song by Catherine Faber, illo by Nami Sasaki (11)
  • Appointed Time by Brandt Kristofferson (12)
  • Up from the Bottom of the Heap, fiction by Dana Evans (16)
  • Kiri by Ellen Wells (23)
  • Kiri's Song by Ellen Wells (26)
  • A Call to Chosen, poem by Diana Gill (26)
  • If They Knew Her Name by Catherine Faber (27)
  • Night of Legends by Jessie Stickgold-Sarah (31)

V.1 N.9

Arrow's Message V.1 N.9 was published in in July–August 1991 and contains 30 pages. The art is by Nami Sasaki, Laura Robles, Kiri Namtvedt, and Frances Quinn.

cover of v.1 n.9, "Lessons in Deercreek" by Frances Quinn
  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • Lessons in Deercreek, fiction by C. Faber (3)
  • Of Cherry Pies, poetry/filk by C. Faber (9)
  • A Tale from the Plains, fiction by H. Lark (11)
  • Lost and Found, poetry/filk by S.K. Warner (16)
  • Stranger Things Have Happened, fiction by J. Astra (15)
  • The Death Bell, poetry/filk by S.K. Warner (16)
  • Nursery Rhymes, fiction by D. Gill (18)
  • Hawk Ready for Departure, poetry/filk by H. Lark (21)
  • The Ravages of Lust, fiction by K. Namtvelt (22)
  • Vanyel and Stefan, poetry/filk by H. Lark (29)

V.1 N.10

Arrow's Message V.1 N.10 was published in Sept/Oct 1991 and contains 31 pages.

cover of v.1 n.10, Kiri Namtvedt: "The Way to Walk"
  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • The Way to Walk, fiction by Kiri Namtvedt (3)
  • Sonnet for Tylendel, poem by Kiri Namtbedt (13)
  • Companion's Choice, fiction by Jaed Astra (15)
  • Ride Into Eternity, filk by Herald Lark (16)
  • Wearing the Mask, fiction by Catherine Faber (17)

V.1 N.11

Arrow's Message V.1 N.11 was published in Nov/Dec. 1991 and contains 27 pages.

cover of v.1 n.11, Kiri Namtvedt: "All's Well That Ends Well"
  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • All's Well That Ends Well, fiction by Diana Gill and Kiri Namtvedt (3)
  • Incident, fiction Sinji La Grimas (14)
  • Sunsinger's Keeper, poem by Lark (20)
  • Woodmere, fiction by Kiri Mantvedt (21)
  • Letting Go, fiction by Elizabeth Weaver (24)
  • In the Sorrows, poem by Sara Ryan (27)

V.3 N.1

Arrow's Message V.3 N.1 was published in Spring 1992 and contains 38 pages.

front cover of v.3 n.1, Kiri Namtvedt: "Blood of the Lamb"
back cover of v.3 n.1, Kiri Namtvedt: "Burning Blood"
  • Blood of the Lamb, fiction by Catherine Faber (2)
  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • Warrior Maid: For I Am a Warrior, poem by Catherine Faber (19)
  • Duty-Bound, fiction by Elizabeth Weaver (20)
  • Burning Blood, fiction by Kiri Namtvedt (two pages of this story were posted in the print version of Queen's Own, but the online version redacted them "because the material is fanfiction, we have not reprinted it online." [7] (29)
  • In the Forest, poem by D. Boyd (36)

V.3 N.2

Arrow's Message V.3 N.2 was published in June 1992 and contains work by Joe Sehl, Cat Faber, Kiri Namtdvedt, and Elizabeth Weaver.[8]

V.3 N.3

Arrow's Message V.3 N.3 was published in September 1992.

From an ad in the Queen's Own newsletter:

"A mage has wrecked havok in the village of Rocky Ford. Herald Marlys Tatena'sa N'toka'he must follow him to the Forest of Sorrows, and defeat him before his destruction becomes too great . . . Heynna is a wyvern hunter, traveling through the Pelagirs to deal with the wyvern who come into conflict with humans. She's been called to the village of Magorge to relocate a wyvern, only this one is more difficult than usual . . . DISCOVER WHAT HAPPENS IN ARROW'S MESSAGE Vo1.3 #3, now on sale..."[9]

1990 Supplement

January 1990

1991 Supplement

Volume 1, supplement issue, March 1990 - February 1991 (includes the 1990 Guidelines)

1991 Supplement

It includes the winners of the fan voting; ballot in v.1 n.6.

CONTEST RESULTS: Well, the votes are in! I'd like to take the time to thank everyone for sending in their ballot and congratulate all our writers for a job well done. It's not all that easy to write, and we appreciate your sharing your piece of the fantasy with us!

  • First place: "Silver Eyes" by Cat Faber
  • Second place: "A Matter of Riddles" by Diana Gill
  • Third place: "Healing" by Kiri Namtvedt

  • Guidelines for "Arrow's Message" (January 1990) (1)
  • Persona Roster (1)
  • a full-page ad for "Herald Cards of Fortune Cards of Chance" (8)
  • Herald: Companion List (9)
  • In-Depth Persona Descriptions
    • KiaShan (12)
    • Janel Morningstar (13)
    • Tishara Mishel D'Havn (16)
  • Circlefolk (description of a community) (18)

Volume 1 Compilation

The Arrow's Message Volume 1 Compilation was published in 1992. From an ad in the Queen's Own newsletter:

The Arrow's Message Volume 1 Compilation, featuring stories, poems, filk, and new illustrations by Kiri Namtvedt, Nami Sasaki, and Frances Quinn, is approximately 90 pages long and only $11.[10]


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