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Name: Arkos Week
Date(s): 2018
Founder: @rnjrsupportsquad
Type: fanfiction, fan art, gif sets, fan edits, playlists
Fandom: RWBY
Associated Community:
URL: tumblr,
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Arkos Week is a fanweek, prompt based, challenge concentrating on the pairing of Arkos. Multiple types of fanworks are accepted including fanfiction, fan art, gif sets and fan edits.


Arkos Week is one week in the year (hopefully this will become a yearly thing) where all arkos lovers come together and share our appreciation for the relationship of Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos!

People create all manner of things (fics, gif sets, art, graphics, mood boards, etc) based on prompts posted by me, your humble mod (rnjrsupportsquad/cutthroat-cutiepie). I take suggestions from all you kind people as well as some that I come up with and I choose seven of those to be the prompts for the week. I try to post prompts as early as possible (at least a month before) to give everyone lots of time to create!

I try to reblog all posts tagged properly to this blog and we just get to be surrounded by Arkos.

Sounds like a Dream Come True doesn’t it?



  • Day 1: Pyrrha Lives
  • Day 2: Aura
  • Day 3: On the Road
  • Day 4: Scars
  • Day 5: AU
  • Day 6: Movie Night
  • Day 7: Partners
  • Day 8: Bonus/Free Day

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