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Name: Letterblade
Alias(es): Arkady, M'lah Sihfay, Mlah Sihfay, wired_lizard
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Myst, Escaflowne, Revolutionary Girl Utena, etc.
Communities: utena_inscribed
URL: Letterblade at AO3
letterblade at Tumblr
wired_lizard at LiveJournal
Arkady and Mlah Sihfay at Skyehawke
Websites: http://letterblade.net/ (The Letterblade Library), http://isomerica.net/~mlah/ (defunct)
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Letterblade, formerly known as Arkady and M'lah Sihfay, is a multifandom fanfiction author.

Her fanfiction has been archived at sites including FictionAlley, The Restricted Section, Silvermoon, Harry Potter Rareslash, and Dystopia.[1]

In the early 2000s, Letterblade was interviewed for Silvermoon: see Silvermoon Interview with Arkady.


I'm Letterblade, also known in the past as Arkady or M'lah Sihfay. I've been writing fanfiction for a rather embarrassing length of time, and posting it online in various places for rather less time (only fifteen years or so!) I'm an incorrigible fandom-hopper and sometimes hermit, with a long-running tendency to fall into small fandoms and write odd things in them, so I tend to slip under radars. If you've heard of me, there's a significant chance it's as "that chick who wrote the Dumbledore/Grindelwald fic with the letters that made people cry."

If you're wondering "why the heck hasn't she finished XYZ," it's probably some combination of "fell into another fandom" and "my lead-writer-for-a-video-game day job ate me." It's a very carnivorous job. (Susurrus: Season of Tides.)

My AO3 contains most of my newer works that never made it onto my old personal website (it's clunky to update, full of wanky rambles, and I've been having server problems.) I've also been reposting older fic here backdated, but it's not all up yet. Said old website is here.

I also write LARPs, and used to do DWRP (Ventus, Sinbad, and others in Aather.) I'm fairly active on tumblr, and inactive on plurk, dreamwidth, and livejournal.
-- Letterblade's Bio at Archive of Our Own, 2019

Example Works


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