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Pairing: Ariane/Florian "Finn" Aldebrant
Alternative name(s): Floriane
Gender category: het, M/F
Fandom: Dragon Age
Canonical?: Non-canon
Prevalence: Rarepair
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Ariane/Finn is the het pairing between the Dalish elven warrior Ariane and ex-Circle human mage Florian "Finn" Aldebrant in the Dragon Age fandom.


Ariane meets Finn at Kinloch Hold about two years after the Fifth Blight, accompanied by either the Hero of Ferelden who lived to tell the tale after slaying the Archdemon themselves, or an Orlesian one sent to rebuild Amaranthine after the Hero's sacrifice. The Warden and Ariane arrived at Kinloch Hold hoping to find more information on Morrigan, the former, for varying reasons that the player can choose themselves, and the latter, under her clan's orders to secure an ancient text that Morrigan stole from them.[1]

Together with the Warden they travel across Thedas, and finally finds the text at Morrigan's ritual site. After accomplishing their mission, she continued to travel with Finn. Shortly thereafter some mercenaries hired by Finn's father tracked them down but were driven off by the pair. Later on Finn returned to his parents' house with Ariane in tow to explain himself and bid farewells, after which the pair set out into the world once more.[2]


Popular tropes and storylines

  • Following the canon trope of Adventure Duo, these fanworks revolve around the pair raiding ancient Elven tombs or navigating less-than-ideal conditions all over Thedas, and even the Fade.
  • The Friends to Lovers trope is seen in most adventure fanworks as well. As the adventure progresses, so does their relationship.




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