Are You Ready?

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Title: Are You Ready?
Doujinka: Yamada D. Komegura (山田・D・米蔵)
Yamada Sakurako (ヤマダサクラコ)
Tennoouji Mio (天王寺ミオ)
Misa (ミサ)
Takaoka Nanaroku (高岡七六)
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes, Lupin III, Gundam
Date/s: 2002 August 9
Type: anthology or collaboration
Size: A5, 28 pages
Language: Japanese
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Are You Ready? is a multifandom doujinshi.

  • Cyborg 009 portion by Yamada D. Komegura (山田・D・米蔵)
  • Sherlock Holmes portion by Yamada Sakurako (ヤマダサクラコ). (Note: The yahoo auction literally says Meitantei Holmes, so it might be a human AU of Sherlock Hound.)
  • Gundam portion by Tennoouji Mio (天王寺ミオ)
  • Ashita no Joe portion by Misa (ミサ)
  • Lupin III portion by Takaoka Nanaroku (高岡七六)