Anywhere But Here

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Synonyms: ABH
See also: Self-insertion, Y/N
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ABH (Anywhere But Here) is a term for fanfic written in the second person. These fics often involve a self-insert. CFAN's fandom glossary linked the term to Star Wars, although it showed up occasionally in Buffy fandom as well.

Anywhere But Here is also the title of two professionally published manga, a film and the novel it was based on, at least one song, and likely a number of fanworks.

Example of Use

"...'anywhere but here' -- stories where the reader is the main character with Giles. Two of these were written in collaboration during online chats on IRC with a group of GASPers - (Giles Appreciation Society Panters) The other Love Bites was written by an extremely talented ABHer GylzGirl. Most every Monday morning she comes through with an ABH on the Gasper mailing list."—from the editorial of Passion