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Name: Anyone but Mac
Date(s): active in 2000
Archivist: Knightingale
Founder: Knightingale
Type: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Highlander
URL: (Wayback link)
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Anyone but Mac was a small Highlander archive for fanfiction pairing Methos with characters who aren't Duncan MacLeod. It had its own mailing list.

We at Anyone_but_Mac are dedicated to finding alternate partners for the ROG than MacLeod. Hence the name. We believe that there are better bedmates out there for Methos than the Brooding Scot because, although we do enjoy a little Duncan/Methos from time to time, the alternative is unimaginable... ... Sorry }8)

Stories are sorted by author, title and pairing, mostly Methos/Kronos and Methos/Richie. The site was a member of the Richie/Methos Slash Ring.

Description from The Eternal Palace:

Anyone but Mac contains slash fanfic with Methos paired with, you guessed it, anyone but Mac.[1]

The Truth About A_B_M

A little letter in response to Kamil's rant.

Since the list was created there have been a few things said about ABM,the people who are part of the list and myself, the owner. Some of these things haven't been at all pleasent and even more haven't been accurate. One thing said was that, because of my choice of a low age limit on the mailing list, we were pedophiles, a word not to be thrown about lightly these days. Another was that we were discriminating against Duncan MacLeod. These and other accusations had no basis yet I still find myself needing to explain just who we are and what we do.

The simple truth is we like Methos slash. We also may like Duncan/Methos slash but, with the large amounts that is out there (on the net) we find a need to create a venue for people who want to write Methos into an alternate pairing and a place where people can find this fiction. It is not as some would claim, a list/archive for slash including any pairings but MacLeod/?. In example that we would allow a Kronos/Caspian pairing or a Horton/Don Salzer pairing or even a Richie/Joe/Small Furry Animal pairing. Nope. Well maybe we would but somewhere in the story Methos would also have to be in a slash pairing. That is the basic purpose of the list. To find Methos different mates besides the traditional Brooding Scot.

Second thing would be the low age limit that I institutes at the begining of the list. It was an acknowledgement on my part that a large amount of people who write/read slash are not above the age of majority in their area. I should know as I was an underage slasher once upon a time too. I was hoping to create a minor friendly venue that new slashers could use to get comfortable in and improve there skills while also learning from the more expeirienced writers. Since then I have been forced to up the limit but still hold it policy not to turn away under agers and I won't ever change it (not that there's anything I could do to stop an under age person from signing up to the list or going through the archive anyway.)[2]


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