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Name: Antichristmas
Date(s): 2008 - 2014
Moderator(s): dreamlittleyo
Type: Gift Exchange
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:
URL: antichristmas tag
Banner from 2010 exchange
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Antichristmas was an annual gift exchange in Supernatural fandom, where all fanworks had to focus on the Evil!Sam trope. Participants could create art or fic, writers had to write a piece that was a minimum of 1000 words. Posting usually took place on May 2, Sam Winchester's birthday.



Come a Horseman [fic]
After Dean went to hell, Sam went to law school. His roommate, Jordan, thinks he knows Sam pretty well until the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse shows up on their front lawn.

I Wonder That I May Have Ran Too Far [fic]
When Dean is still alive Sam starts having hallucinations or something of an angel (that is Dean) on his shoulder. Later Dean dies and that angel on Sam's shoulder slowly turns into a fallen angel and tells Sam to do evil things.

Lead Me Into Denial [fic]
Sam's assumed his throne, but let Dean go his own way with no memory of their life or the hunt. Then he learns that Dean's in an abusive same-sex relationship. Did not get to the porn in this chunk...TBC...

Like a Bat out of Hell [fic]
Demon flu

The Rain in Spain [fic]
Sam has something extra happen to him. Dean takes a while to adjust.

What If I Wanted To Break? [fic]
Time is fast running out for Dean, and Sam isn't handling it too well.

Highway to the Grave [fic]
Sam vowed to find Dean and save him no matter what or how high the cost.

Special Hell by fueschgast

Special Hell [art]
Demon Jesus has plans for you and all the fangirls like you...

How heroes fought and nations fell [fic]
The world ends in fire and there's an iron collar around his neck.

Whichever Way You Stay [fic]
It’s hope that makes Dean linger, that makes him refuse to abandon the only thing he has left.

The Fire I Breathe [fic]
What if Devil's Trap had ended a little bit differently? The YED's plan backfires, and Sam's got new problems. Because power like that, once you touch it you can't put it back.


Planning For The Apocolypse (Is Not Considered Cool) [fic]
Dean and Sam are as unsure of each other as ever, but those glimpses of the brother they each once knew never competely go away.

Zombie SPN [art and vid]

i saw the moon go black (i felt my heart collapse) [fic]
Sam goes darkside and takes Dean with him. This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends...

It ain't fiction, just a natural fact [fic]
You know what they say about opposites and attraction.

Come Light of Day [fic]
Losing Bobby wasn’t the first mistake Dean made in the war and it wasn’t his last. When he looked back though, it was probably made the top two list. The first one… well… the bracelet got there somehow didn’t it?

The Fall of the House of Winchester [fic]
Dean thinks Sam's slipping further and further away. What he doesn't know is that the Sam he knew has been gone for a long time and the new Sam doesn't just want Lilith's head on a platter.

Solomon Grundy (End of the Week) [fic]
Castiel finally Falls and joins Sam after Dean is killed by the angels. Heaven doesn't even last a day.

As The World Burns [fic]
We can't change what we are.

No one expects this ending, too quiet, too close to what they never thought to hope for.

Happiness is a warm three-headed puppy [fic]
Heaven loses, hell wins. Dean learns that post-apocalyptic happiness is a warm three headed puppy

Both Sides of the Story [fic]
Sam refuses to let Heaven use his brother. That is something only he’s allowed to do.

Dark and heart obsessed [fic]
A new, young hunter gives an old enemy a chance to fuck things up.

a picture is worth a thousand words [fic]
Dean may feel some confliction over the choices he’s made, but in the end he knows that there really is no other option if he wants to keep Sam and he's okay with that.

Dean Winchester's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Apocalypse [fic]
Once a guy fights in the apocalypse, he starts to feel maybe he's owed a few things. Like apple pie.

White Light [fic]
For bloodquartz Alistair's going to regret touching what belongs to Sam...

noun. Uprisng [fic]
Dean was pulled out of hell to save Sam who has turned, only Dean doesn't know it, and things don't go quite as planned.

he lays down his head on your pillow at night [fic]

Legerdemain [fic]
or mass_hipgnosis - Sam's powers get a little out of hand as they start granting his unconscious wishes.


The Fat Lady Has Not Sung [fic]
Sam has seen everything that's going to happen before stepping into that diner in All Hell Breaks Loose Part I and this time, he intends to bring Hell itself on its knees before it can hurt Dean.

The Benefits of an Army [fic]
Sam will do anything to get Dean out of his deal. Even become the Boy King, if he has to.

The Executioner (Fills Up) [fic]
At the start of the war, Sam said yes and Dean was sent to Hell. This is the story of what happened once the war was over.

Dare Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry [fic]
At the start of the war, Sam said yes and Dean was sent to Hell. This is the story of what happened once the war was over.

Human Resources... Gotta Love 'Em [fic]
Halfway through Sam’s second week, things got weird.

Set Fire to the Thousandth Bar [fic]

Between Death and Damnation [fic]
Sam turning darkside; Dean choosing between what he thinks is right and being with Sam.

The Answers Don't Amount to Much [fic]

Suburbia [fic]
AU in which Sam and Dean don't meet Andy until they move into his neighborhood after Sam has spent some time in Hell.

The Family Business [fic]
It took Sam two years to find where the angels had hidden Dean.

Clear [fic]
Dean's tired of the painful rhythm.

Dreams that Come with Fire [fic]
While studying at Stanford, Sam gets a call from an unknown number.

Where He Belongs [fic]
Dean is back from Hell, and he knows what he needs to do to save the world- get Sam to use his powers to take out Lilith and all those allied with her.

Where There's Smoke [fic]
Dean didn’t know what he was waking up to. He just knew it was bad.

on thy cheeks a fading rose [fic]
This story is a flipside AU of my Promise verse—same setup, but playing out very differently. In this story, Castiel is not the lover of Dean’s soul (as per her request for no Castiel/anyone!) that I believe him to be, and Sam is the Prince of this World, ready to take his throne. Title from Keats’s “La Belle Dame Sans Merci.” Soundtrack: Seal, "Kiss from a Rose" (the lyrics are perfect).

Bad Romance [Vid]

Hell shall have no dominion [fic]
Samael had to forsake Heaven to rule Hell, but realizes his Heaven was Dean.

Mark of the Beast [fic]
Sometimes tattoos don't guard against possession.

Thread the Needle Through [fic]
It must have been a dream, because Sam isn't here


Look for the Peace of Mind in the Cemetery Grass [fic & art]
Sam dreams about Dean and the Stull Cemetery.

The Returning [fic]
Ruby is back from the dead and she's ready to finish the job she started whether the Winchesters, Heaven, and Hell like it or not.

My Brother's Keeper [fic & art]
Sam and Dean freed Lucifer and Michael from the Cage. Nobody knew why. Nobody knew how. The Winchesters had consumed the archangels, swallowed down their power and turned it into something terrifying and new.

Love Hurts [fic]
Jess makes hell ready for its king.

Bury My Old Soul, and Dance on its Grave [fic]
Dean knows how far he can push Sam.

Hell on Earth [fic]
As a reward for being a vessel for Lucifer, Sam gets to rule a country and keep his brother.

The Dragon That Speaks Like A Lamb [fic]
Hell got it wrong. Sam's not the Antichrist after all...Dean is. Or course, Sam's more than willing to play the part and front for his brother

Ex Cathedra [fic]
Sam is first in line for the throne of Hell, but the brothers aren't going to let something like that tear them apart ever again.

i have a rendezvous with death [fic]
Harvie doesn't know what to make of the man who saved her, or his great, yellow-eyed hound, but one thing's for sure: there are stranger things in this rider-ridden world than haunts.

He's the Boy King for a Reason [fic]
Sam Winchester is the Boy King. And he’s not happy when that title is abruptly very literal.

For His Brother [fic]
This is more of an origin story than anything else, based on mizu_tattoo's request for "Dean returns from hell, full on demon and ready to take over the world for his "prince of all darkness" brother." In a nutshell: Hell might have taken the humanity out of Dean, but one thing that never changes is his devotion to his brother.

What Was Always His To Take [fic]
He closed his eyes and prayed to a God that had abandoned them. He prayed to an angel that no longer heard him. He prayed to every angel in existence, but no one answered his pleas. When he opened his eyes, he could see the Morningstar lurking behind Sam’s eyes though as if he had heard, the same compassion in his presence that Sam wore so openly on his face.

Hell is Fine This Time of Year [fic]
Demon!Dean talks Sam into the role of Boy King.

And Darkness Falls by Daunt

And Darkness Falls [art]
Lucifer!Sam Victorious

Night of the Living Sam Winchester [fic]
Sam is alive, just like that, with a grand new destiny waiting for him as Boy King of hell on earth. He's probably gonna need Dean.

Crimson [fic]
Samuel leaves Sam alone to make sure Dean takes the cure, only Sam has other plans for his vampire brother.

Dance in the Dark [Vid]
Dean goes dark and his taste for blood grows. King Sam's not sure the changes are for the best.

Sacraments [fic]
I’ve been known by a thousand names over the ages. Raum, Akoman, Mara, Azazel’s Hound. Lately, I go by Dean Winchester.


The Two Ravens [fic]
Your brother he is, and heir to my throne. He’ll feed on the damned and he'll turn them to bone.

Choices [fic]

The Battle of Evermore, as Fought on the Stairway to Heaven and the Highway to Hell [fic]
After Castiel declares himself the new god, he decides he wants someone he trust to run hell. It’s a toss up between Crowley, who’s all too eager for the job, and Sam, who doesn’t want it at all. Sam is persuaded to put his name in the running. And then he finds out exactly how many hoops he has to jump through…

As One, so the Other [fic]
As Dean falls, so does Sam. As Sam turns, so does Dean. Even separated by Hell, they are still brothers. And just as Sam is Hell’s Boy King, Dean is Hell’s Master of Hounds.

Someone Else's Wings [art]

Five Times Dean Winchester Accused His Brother of Being the Antichrist and One Time Sam Actually Was (But Dean Didn’t Care) [fic]

Against All Odds [fic]
The second time, well, there wasn’t really a second time because from that moment on, Lucifer was touching Dean all the damn time.

War Is Never Cheap, Dear [fic]
AU from Season One. Jessica Moore was always part of the plan, but she never thought Lucifer held all the candy. Her money's actually on the Boy King. Everybody loves a longshot, right?

Duplicity [fic]

Horny!Sam [art]

I Whipped My Love Smartly [fic]
Sam is determined to do what's best for his brother, regardless of his brother's best interest. No matter the place, time, or permissions, Sam will go to any length necessary to claim what is rightfully his.


Bending Over Backwards for You [fic]

Burns in the Presence [fic]
Amulet fic. Something from any time frame that focuses on the amulet and what it means to the boys. Could be Sam’s way of claiming Dean, or keeping tabs on him, or proof of who Dean belongs to.

The Education of the Boy King, or, "Demon Jesus and the Three Wise Men" [art]
Prompt - "Azazel, Lucifer, Crowley, Ruby, Meg... Basically the more evil the demon, the more I'll like it. Comparatively speaking, Azazel and Lucifer get little attention. So all demons would be great, the heavy-hitters would be fantastic." Summary: Sam gave in to the darkside and accepted all that went with being a child of Azazel. But even a Boy King sometimes needs watching over . .

Guardian What? [fic]
Sam Winchester, the young Boy King, is protected. His brother Dean protects him, but Dean doesn’t know Sam’s destiny. So Sam has another protector as well. And this one isn’t what he seems to be.

It's Good to be the King [fic]
Dean never would have suspected the kinks he's developed in his life as a hunter. Never knew the ones Sam had either. Some days, it was good to be the king.

The Key to Redemption [fic]
By completing the three trials, Sam becomes Gatekeeper of Hell. Choose another character and what they do about it. I especially like to see spiritual triumph, destiny, redemption, that sort of thing. How does Sam ultimately win everything and yet he is Hell's Gatekeeper? Who are his amazing allies?

The King's Guard [fic]
Andy had spent the last few hours watching Sam Winchester —King of Hell, God of the Abyss, Bane of Heaven— kill nearly two dozen souls, and feed them all to his pet — the biggest, scariest looking hellhound of them all.

The Mystery of The Sparkling Vampire [art]

OBEY [fic & art]
Sam is a desperate man, and does a few things that might piss off the Big Guy Upstairs. But there are reasons—no better reason than family.

Power Doesn't Mean That You're In Control [fic]
Dean discovers Sam’s lust for Demon blood. He confronts Sam about it, but Sam is determinded to change his mind about stopping him from using his powers.

Sam The Creator [art]
Sam's powers reshape the world while he sleeps.

Saved and Damned [fic]

the shameful yard [fic]
Sam finds a book, and it's all about his favourite subject: himself.

They Yip for Thee [fic]
Dean just wants to help Sam get through the three trials and shut the gates of hell, while Sam is starting to have second thoughts. Meanwhile, Sam begins to amass a small army of possessed chihuahuas.

Touch, I remember touch.

Touch Me [fic]
AU in which Sam rescues Dean from Hell, and takes control of his powers.

worship by badbastion

worship [art]
I managed to get Dean on his knees in worship AND naked Sam!


The Last Rose of Summer [fic]
Weary of Dean's self-pity and longing for the simplicity of soulessness, Sam has their souls removed and cracktastic shenanigans ensue. Crowley and Abbadon must team up to stop the Boys.

Dirt [fic]
When a solution is found to the Mark of Cain issue, Sam's life flashes before his eyes and he is reminded of all of the times he felt impure.

Taking Care of Baby Brother [fic]
Written for the prompt: - After being possessed by Meg and realizing that no higher power is going to save him (from Houses of the Holy) Sam totally embraces his destiny as the 'BoyKing' and goes on a killing/torture/spree. Dean still can't bring himself to kill his brother, not even to save innocent lives. John (who is now part demon) escapes from hell, determined to finish the 'save him or kill him' mission he gave to Dean. Does Dean join up with John or try to protect Sam? Or does Demon!John begin following his 'King' and Dean has 2 family members to hunt and kill.

Before the One You Serve [fic]
When Dean comes to get Sam at Stanford, he finds him living with Brady. And Dean doesn't trust Brady, even though he can't quite put his finger on why. Not at first.

very important round of cards! [art]
Sam plays poker with Crowley and Abaddon for possession of Dean's soul.

Worship [art]
Dean worships his King in Hell.

The Moon is Ours to Hell with the Day [art]
The prompt was "BoyKing!Sam can fuck the demon into you".

Full of Grace, Painted Blind [fic]
They say that there are two brothers. One had gentle eyes, the other a gentle mouth. One is on Earth, the other in Hell, and they're each amassing an army. One killed the other. One died for the other. They will never see each other again.

Snow White, Rose Red [fic & art]
Abaddon possesses Dean and thinks she has broken both the Mark and the Blade. But she wasn't counting on Sam, who will go to every length that Dean doesn't believe he will in order to get his brother back, plumbing depths Sam didn't even know existed before Gadreel's deceitful occupation of his body. Art shows Dean as the Mark and Sam with angel powers.

Sleep, Shadows, Secrets [fic]
Dean has fallen under a powerful spell, and it's up to Sam to save him.

It's a Slow Fade [fic]
Dean, as a demon, and Sam, as the Boy King and mouthpiece of the Lord of Demons, are no longer the same. But there are some things they won't do, and some things they'll do to ensure that the destruction of the world will never happen. Not that they'll have trouble taking over the world- they just don't want to destroy it. And the best way to remember humanity is to have a human they care about with them.

Bad Hellpup! by manzanita_crow

Bad Hellpup! [art]
King Sam and his Hellhound puppy

Hard Way Home [fic & art]
Divergent from 9.10: Sam, Dean and Castiel drive off together after expelling Gadreel. Everything comes back to haunt them. The Trials are not forgotten, Dean hates his life, the tiny town of Widow Jones Hollow has a few unexpected visitors, and they all live happily ever after. No, I swear, they do. (With bonus, almost SFW art at the end; no peeking!)

Depart From Me, Ye Cursed [fic]
Abaddon possesses Sam winchester. Things don't go exactly as planned.

Taking Control [fic]
The mark of Cain has slowly turned Dean dark. He has become the Father of Murder. Sam's only choice to save Dean and to save the world from Dean is to finally become the Boy King

No Sleep For the Evil [fic]