Another Time, Another Place (Star Trek: Voyager story)

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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: Another Time, Another Place
Author(s): Mort
Date(s): 29 August 2003
Length: 24732 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
External Links: Another Time, Another Place (Mort's Lair)
Another Time, Another Place (The Tom Paris Dorm)

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Another Time, Another Place is a Chakotay/Paris AU by Mort.


"Complete AU. This story was born during a virtual ‘wind-up’ of Layla V. She wanted to know the plot of the story I was working on at the time and I was in a devilish mood, so I made up a totally improbable scenario ‘on the hoof’ just as a joke…. I told her I was going to write a C/P alternative universe story, with Chakotay and Paris as 20th century cops investigating a serial killer. I said it wouldn’t just be a case of writing a buddy cop story, with two guys conveniently looking like Tom and Chak, but a genuine attempt to transport the characters from Voyager, lock, stock and barrel, into a new environment. I also said I wouldn’t allow myself the easy out of letting the story turn out to be either a holo-story or a dream sequence. I thought it was really funny that she believed I was serious… The real joke was on me, though, because once I’d come up with the idea it just wouldn’t go away."

Victim of Plagiarism

This story was plagiarized by romance author J.J. Massa. When she published her novel The Edge,[1] it took a while (and only after it was published in print; the 2005 Venus Press ebook version sold without problems) before a reader recognized it as Another Time, Another Place. Said reader also knew who the original fanfic author was. When Mort heard about this, she began leaving comments on several reviews for The Edge, claiming that it was actually her own story being republished without permission. Though she was initially met with skepticism as she was a fanfic writer accusing a published romance author of plagiarism, the evidence was strongly in her favor (see side by side comparisons[2][3]) and the publisher withdrew the title.[2][3][4]

Summary of The Edge:

"Detective Paytah has spent his entire life fighting to overcome ignorance and gain acceptance in a world too quick to judge. Always willing to take on any challenge, the tough-as-nails Native American has never shied away from the truth. Until he meets Tyler Baker, that is. Tyler represents everything that Paytah hates; the blond haired blue-eyed gay detective with a penchant for bending the rules was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a champagne glass in his hand. When Paytah is assigned to work with Tyler he anticipates that the partnership will be difficult. After all, working high profile serial murder cases are always challenging. But as the case of the decade unravels, so does his ability to control his attraction and to deny his own needs." (


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