Another Battlefield

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Title: Another Battlefield
Publisher: Deep Dark Press and Linda Knights
Author(s): Jan H
Cover Artist(s): Jan H
Illustrator(s): Helen Leithead and Jan H
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: War of the Worlds
Language: English
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War of the worlds another battlefield cover.jpg

Another Battlefield is an 80-page gen War of the Worlds novel by Jan H. Color cover. This story is set immediately after the second-season episode The Second Wave, and centres on the character of Ironhorse.

The first printing was done in the UK as "a Shatterzine publication in association with Swan Press." The zine was later reprinted in the US by Bill Hupe. While the cover artist is not listed (it was by Jan H), the zine lists Helen Leithead and Jan H as artists. The zine contains several black and white interior drawings.