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Title: Anomaly
Publisher: Susan J. Paxton aka Modo
Editor(s): Susan J. Paxton and Patrick Holben
Date(s): Fall of 1982-1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
External Links: excerpts from the zine are now online
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Anomaly is a gen anthology of Battlestar Galactica fiction, articles and reviews. It ran for 20 issues and ended in 1993.

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Summary from an ad in Datazine #28: "A Battlestar Galactica zine that dares to be different. Our fiction is unusual, it isn't soap operas or endless rehashes of Starbuck and Apollo saving the galaxy."

Two sister zines are Anomaly Battlestar Galactica Concordance and This is... Anomaly.

Issue 1

Anomaly 1 was published in Fall 1982 and contains 53 pages.

  • Five to One by Chad C. Mulligan
  • The Final Reward
  • The Final Offensive

Issue 2

Anomaly 2

Issue 3

Anomaly 3

Issue 4

Anomaly 4

Issue 5

Anomaly 5

Issue 6

Anomaly 6

Issue 7

Anomaly 7

Issue 8

Anomaly 8 contains 47 pages and stories, con reports and news about the actors.

Issue 9

Anomaly 9

Issue 10

Anomaly 10 was published in 1986.

Issue 11

Anomaly 11

Issue 12

Anomaly 12 was published 1987. The editor printed the results of a survey of the most popular episodes. It is now online here.

Issue 13

Anomaly 13 was published in 1987.

Issue 14

Anomaly 14 was published in 1988.

Issue 15

Anomaly 15 was published in September 1988 and contains 50 pages.

  • Dead Ringer, fiction by Chad Mulligan
  • Starlord, part 1, fiction by by Ellen E. Aspengren
  • articles
  • other unknown content

Issue 16

Anomaly 16 was published in March 1988 and contains 50 pages.

  • Starlord part 2, fiction by Ellen E. Aspengren
  • (In)gratitude, fiction by Susan J. Paxton
  • articles
  • other unknown content

Issue 17

Anomaly 17

Issue 18

Anomaly 18 was published in 1991.

Issue 19

Anomaly 19 was published in October 1992 and contains about 50 pages.

cover of issue #19
  • Endings and Beginnings by Susan J. Paxton. This story covers the last few months before the holocaust.
  • Demons are Forever by Hack ’n Slash Garcia. The editor notes: "Pyramids was an interesting BG fanzine. For one thing, it printed a grand total of two issues before the editors up and joined the Army. For another, it was graphically one of the handsomest BG zines on record; the copy I have has a striking black cover with silver lettering and illustrations. As is normal for fanzines, the stories varied widely in quality, but one of them was the funniest BG story I've ever read. They only printed part one—for all I know part two was never even written—but it’s amusing enough to run by itself. For several years I tried to hunt down the writer of the story and/or the editors of Pyramids, with absolutely no luck, so I reprinted this story in ANOMALY 19, apologetically without permission. It was worth it just to get it back into print."

Issue 20

Anomaly 20 was published in 1993.