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Title: Pyramids
Publisher: Double Phoenix Publications
Editor(s): JV Teemes
Date(s): 1984-1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978) (first issue) and Battlestar Galactica and multimedia (second issue)
Language: English
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Pyramids is a gen Battlestar Galactica & multimedia anthology with at least two issues. They contain photos, fiction, artwork and articles.


front cover of issue #1

Pyramids 1 was published in September 1984 and contains 82 pages.

The art is by Lynda Chapple and Scott Gilbert.

It has an article on Japanimation, but is a primarily Battlestar Galactica zine. An ad in Datazine #33 says the editor is looking for Japanimation, V, Blake's 7, and other SF-related work.

  • Holocaust by Lynda Chapple (2)
  • Matt Dallas, Playboy Gumshoe (14)
  • Demons are Forever by Hack ’n Slash Garcia (reprinted without permission in Anomaly #19) (16)
  • Bereft by Maria Cianflone (39)
  • Writers' Guide by Melody Harmony (43)
  • Meanwhile, Back at the Pyramid... (46)
  • Colliding Universes by Hack 'n' Slash Garcia (49)
  • Dark of the Sun by Lynda Chapple (61)
  • Colonial Olympics (73)
  • Japanamation Feature: Patalliro! (74)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

You may have seen ads for this Battlestar Galactica zine in the Cargo Hold pages of TCTS. Well, be warned, the editor has a wicked, wacky sense of humor! Sample: "Demons Are Forever" by someone who calls himself Hack 'n' Slash Garcia — with a hysterical Apollo trying his frantic best to hide from the returning Count Iblis out to get the Captain's soul! "Colliding Universes," also by Hack, is a laugh riot with the BSG ragtaggers meeting up with Capt. Kirk & Co. And the " Cosmicpolitan" cover art [on the back cover] is a great send-up of glossy women's magazines. Serious stuff is evident also, as in "Holocaust" by Lynda Chappie and "Bereft" by Maria Cianflone. Personal peeve — the majority of the stories end with the infamous words 'continued next issue;' frustrating, but the editors can't afford to print these epics whole in one issue. Stories are illoed with xeroxes of glossies from the series. [1]

From the editorial of Anomaly #19, who reprinted a story that appeared in Pyramids issue #1:

Demons are Forever by Hack ’n Slash Garcia. Pyramids was an interesting BG fanzine. For one thing, it printed a grand total of two issues before the editors up and joined the Army. For another, it was graphically one of the handsomest BG zines on record; the copy I have has a striking black cover with silver lettering and illustrations. As is normal for fanzines, the stories varied widely in quality, but one of them was the funniest BG story I've ever read. They only printed part one — for all I know part two was never even written — but it’s amusing enough to run by itself. For several years I tried to hunt down the writer of the story and/or the editors of Pyramids, with absolutely no luck, so I reprinted this story in ANOMALY 19, apologetically without permission. It was worth it just to get it back into print. Without further ado, then, reprinted from Pyramids 1 (September 1984) and ANOMALY 19 — Demons Are Forever.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Pyramids 2 was published in April 1985 and contains 96 pages. It was multifandom in content.