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Name: Anne
Alias(es): Domina, MetroVampire, slytherinvamp
Type: fan writer, moderator, webmaster
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Star Trek, Mary Russell
Communities: La Société des Femmes Dangereuses
Dark Sarcasm Yahoo! Group
darksarcasm on LJ
DarkSarcasm Collection
URL: fanfiction at (Abby and Anne's Snapefic) profile
slytherinvamp on LiveJournal
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Anne (also known as Domina, MetroVampire, and slytherinvamp) was a multifandom fan most active in Snape/Hermione communities of Harry Potter fandom.

She is known for writing (or co-writing) several well-known Snape/Hermione stories, as well as being the founder and webmaster of the DarkSarcasm Collection and the founder of the DarkSarcasm LiveJournal community.

Anne shared a website,,[1] with fellow Snape/Hermione fan writers Abby and Clare. When Clare took her fanfiction offline,[citation needed] the site was closed and Anne and Abby created

Notable Fanworks


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