Anise (Freya)

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Name: Anise or Freya
Occupation: Scientist/Historian
Fandom: SG-1
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Canon Background

Anise/Freya is a scientist and historian and a member of the Tok'ra. Anise is the name of the symbiote; her host's name is Freya.

The name "Anise" means "Noble Strength" in Goa'uld. Freya is from a planet where people are more open and direct about their affections for someone, than what is usual of many cultures on Earth. Freya is attracted to Jack O'Neill, while Anise likes Daniel Jackson better. Presumably these are not deep emotions, as the Tok'ra 'love as one', as stated by Martouf/Lantash.

SG-1 first met Anise when she arrived bringing the Atanik armbands, which she wanted to test on SG-1 as they did not work on someone who has a symbiote. However, the experiences with the armbands made the members of SG-1 somewhat distrustful of Anise.


Because of her name and outfit, Anise/Freya is occasionally referred to as 'Tok'ra Spice' in fandom. Many fans of SG-1 do not like her. Some consider her a one-dimensional character introduced as the series "Seven of Nine" - a character included for her sex-appeal. Others dislike her for her behaviour or because of Freya's attraction to Jack O'Neill. However, not everyone feels this way about her, and find her an interesting character, There is some, but not much fanfic written about her, mostly as a minor character.


Fanfic about Anise/Freya is most often het, though femslash and gen fics exist. There are not many stories written about her, though. Many fanfic writers assume that Anise/Freya get along very badly with Martouf/Lantash, but that she will often try to seduce him (and most every other male in the Tok'ra tunnels).

The most popular het pairing is Daniel/Anise/Freya, followed by Jack/Anise/Freya. The most popular femslash pairing is Sam/Anise/Freya.

Examples of fanfic