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Alias(es): Ren Stroud, @cuddlyrawrbear
Type: fan writer, fan artist
Fandoms: Black Butler, Bleach, Harry Potter, Hetalia, FMA, MCU, Nolanverse, Sherlock (BBC), Soul Eater, Supernatural
URL: AnimeArtistRen on DeviantArt
cuddlyrawrbear on Wattpad
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AnimeArtistRen, who now uses the alias cuddlyrawrbear, is a fan writer and fan artist. They are particularly prolific in writing Reader-Inserts. AnimeArtistRen started out posting on DeviantArt and then moved their new works to Wattpad.


"I'm an author who enjoys dark fantasy and romance above all else. If I didn't write I think my imagination would make it impossible for me to function in every day life. I started out on Deviantart under the username Animeartistren, but college has made it difficult to maintain more than one series at a time so I'm focusing on finishing a Supernatural novel.

Every comment, follow, and vote is much appreciated! It's the readers like you who keep me focused and make me want to continue a story."[1]

from the author's Wattpad bio

Fan Activity

AnimeArtistRen has an impressive body of work on DeviantArt, including quite a few fanworks for the Black Butler fandom. A few of their works in multiple fandoms are listed below.

On DeviantArt



On Wattpad

cuddlyrawrbear has posted seven fics to Wattpad:


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