Angel Unaware and Other K/S Stories

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You may have been looking for Angel Unaware - the Quantum Leap fanzine

Title: Angel Unaware and Other K/S Stories
Publisher: M.R.L./Mary Lowe
Date(s): May 1986
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Angel Unaware and Other K/S Stories is a Star Trek: The Original Series slash 50-page zine published in May 1986 and containing stories by M.R.L.

It contains no interior art.

The Introduction

The Paradise Syndrome? A lot of people reading and writing K/S seem to think that the thrilling thing about 'slash' fiction is when the protagonists finally have the perfect sexual encounter and then live happily ever after. ...Didn't Star Trek say that Paradise was ultimately boring?

People reveal what they're made of not in the best of times, but in the worst. And that revelation is what thrills me. Each of these stories presumes an intense relationship between Kirk and Spock, but I have many questions about that relationship. Does Love conquer all when the enemy is oneself, when the adversary is one's lover, when things are not what they seem? The answers may be in these stories. Then again, maybe not.

Let me know what you think.


Summaries by Gilda F and/or Karen Halliday's Zinedex:

text sample
  • Angel Unaware (3) (M/U: "Spock knows he wants Kirk; what Kirk wants, even Kirk doesnʼt know." Summary by Karen Halliday: "Exploration of the complex relationship between Kirk and Spock in the Mirror Universe.")
  • Dark Dreams, Revisited (10) ("Kirk begins having nightmares after he and Spock are rescued from Orion slavers, dreams he fears have something to do with the five days missing from his memory." Summary from Karen Halliday: "Kirk attempts to recover memories of his and Spock's recent experience in Orion captivity, and discovers that Spock had taken him sexually in order to foil his sale, then erased the memory.")
  • Enemy Within the Mirror (23) ("M/U: How events might have evolved in the Mirror universe after the malfunctioning transporter splits Kirk into his good and bad selves." Summary by Karen Halliday: "'The Enemy Within' in the Mirror Universe, where the 'intruder' is the gentle Kirk and the raging Kirk must take that part of himself back in order to command.")
  • Alternate Ending (35) ("A/R: After Janice Lester dies while in Kirkʼs body, Spock believes he might finally have a chance at Kirk, who is now trapped in a womanʼs body." Summary by Karen Halliday: "Variation on 'Turnabout Intruder' in which Kirk's body (and Janet Lester's mind) are dead and no return is possible.")
  • The Answer/The Question (45) ("On his way back to Vulcan after resigning from Starfleet, Spock wonders what it is he seeks. Then, returned to the Enterprise, Spock tries to answer Kirk regarding his reason for leaving in the first place." Summary by Karen Halliday: "Kirk and Spock grapple with Spock's departure for and return from Gol.")

Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for Angel Unaware.

[zine]: It is a collection of six vignettes based on the premise that all K/S stories should end up happily ever after. The author takes great pains in setting up a situation and detailing the character's feelings. Unfortunately, once the climax of the story has been achieved, the reader is left hanging with the suddenness of an elevator rapidly descending. The writing is quite good and many of the author's perceptions are from unique slants. 'Dark Dreams Revisited' deals with the capture of Kirk and Spock by Orion slavers, Spock's actions to keep Kirk from being sold, and the eventual realization by Kirk of what really transpired. This story is the best of the collection. On the flip side, 'Alternate Ending' is far to weak in its construct to be believable. This vignette presents Kirk trapped in the body of Janice Lester permanently and his adaptation to the problems. This zine has no art or reduction of print in full zine format. [1]

[zine]: This 50 page zine contains 6 very different short stories all written by the same author. However they do have one thing in common — they all have a twist in the tale that marks them out from the usual.

The title story concerns a Mirror Kirk who hates himself and a Spock who wishes to learn about his Captain.

Dark Dreams revisited is a kidnap and rape story with a difference. Kirk dreams but can never finish his dream until an Ensign gives him a tape. Then Kirk has to persuade Spock to tell him a secret.

Enemy within the Mirror. An alternate Enemy Within. Here the difference between the two sides of Kirk are almost irreconcilable.

Alternate Ending. How Kirk copes with an enormous change in his life. A possible aftermath for Turnabout Intruder.

The Answer. Spock wonders about his future and lastly, The Question which is a sequel to the previous story. Kirk asks the question and is apprehensive about the answer he receives. [2]


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