Angel Unaware (Star Trek: TOS story by Mary Lowe)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Angel Unaware
Author(s): Mary Lowe
Date(s): 1983, 1986
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Angel Unaware is a K/S story by Mary Lowe.

It was published in the print zine Out of Bounds: Overflow (1983) and in Angel Unaware and Other K/S Stories (1986).


"M/U: "Spock knows he wants Kirk; what Kirk wants, even Kirk doesnʼt know."

"M/U: Kirk taunts Spock with his body, unable to understand Spockʼs desire for him."

"Exploration of the complex relationship between Kirk and Spock in the Mirror Universe."

Reactions and Reviews

Tantalizing glimpses of a complex man. Why does Kirk hate himself so much? It is very tempting to try to get to the bottom of who he is, in the get of forgetting, that trust in the Empire is a dearly paid-for commodity, but, once chanced, can be highly rewarding. [1]
A haunting and emotional mirror story with a game of words and emotional sparring between Kirk and Spock. Kirk comes into Spock's quarters as the Vulcan is sitting at his desk naked. Kirk moves around behind him and whispers: "You want to go to bed with me, don't you?" This is a dark and brooding Kirk—filled with a kind of self-loathing for his handsome looks. When Kirk talks of cutting his face, Spock takes the dagger away from him. "There are knives everywhere." "Yes...but beauty is rare." This is one of the stories in this zine that I discovered ended with no resolution. In this case, it was satisfying. [2]
An ISS story with a very sexy Spock. In one scene he is sitting naked at his terminal. A sad story of two hurting souls, trying to find each other. Great imagery. for example, "smooth skin met his touch, as fine as a woman's, yet tauter, harder, covering well-defined muscles." I could feel Spock reacting to this Kirk's body. I prefer a more defined story where I know what will happen after the ending, but this was written well enough to make me care. It worked for me. [3]


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