Angel Fan Fiction (archive)

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Name: Angel Fan Fiction
Date(s): 2000-present (lists)
Archivist: LJC
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Angel
URL: archive, list, Angel Fanfic Workshop
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Angel Fan Fiction is a small archive for Angel fanfiction workshopped by the Angel Fanfic Workshop and posted to the Angel Fanfic mailing list. The archive is part of the Angel Fanfiction Resources website and is affiliated with The BtVS Writers' Guild. The archivist is LJC.

The authors archived there are Cynamin Toastcrunch, Diane, Firerose, Kelley, Kizmet, LJC, Rheanna, Roseveare, Yahtzee and Zero.

The archive is not currently being updated.

Mailing Lists

The Angel Fanfic mailing list on Yahoo Groups was founded in May 2000. All fanfiction posted to the list has previously been workshopped at the associated beta-reading list, Angel Fanfic Workshop, founded at the same time. The Angel Fanfic Workshop describes itself:

This list is specifically for writers who are looking for help with their works in progress and an audience with whom to discuss writing and looking for help and advice as well as beta reading, line and content editing, and readers who are interested in the providing that feedback, advice, and help.

In short, I am hoping to build a community of "Angel" fan fiction authors who come to fan fiction with the passion and drive to tell the best story they are capable of, and readers who have the energy, knowledge, and desire to help their favourite authors achieve that goal, with the added bonus of getting to read *better stories because of it.

The goal of this list to to maintain a general "workshop" atmosphere, and work symbiotically to produce the best in "Angel" fan fiction.[1]

The Angel Fanfic list has been inactive since 2004; the Angel Fanfic Workshop list was last active in 2006.


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