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Pairing: Morgoth/Sauron
Alternative name(s): Melkor/Mairon, Melron
Gender category: slash, m/m
Fandom: Silmarillion
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: common
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Angbang is the pairing name for the Morgoth/Sauron (also known as Melkor/Mairon) ship in Silmarillion fandom. It is a portmanteau of their fortress, Angband, and the word 'bang'. An alternative name also used is Melron, an amalgamation of their names.


Fan Art

Melkor and Mairon by melkorts4

Melkor and Sauron by

The Seduction of Mairon by Suzannart

MelkorWasHere On Tumblr by Phobs

Celebrating by misbehavingmaiar

The Right One by Fissart

Family Portrait by jreizen

Comfort by Kanisblabbus

Melkor seducing Mairon by Phobs

Sleeping Dark Ainur by m0rket

Melkor and Sauron by the-ALEF

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Algrass (Anastasia Cemetery)

Thinking of Others? by Algrass (Anastasia Cemetery)

Melkor and Sauron by Algrass (Anastasia Cemetery)

Morgoth and Sauron by Anastasia Cemetery

Melkor and Mairon by Esquitor

Monsters of Destruction by Esquitor

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