Andy, You're A Star

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Title: Andy, You're A Star
Creator: Martouf Marty
Date: May 2006
Format: 3:20 minutes
Length: 16.6MB
Music: "Andy, You're A Star" by The Killers
Fandom: Life on Mars (UK)
URL: YouTube,vid announcement
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"Andy, You're A Star" is a Life on Mars (UK) vid by Martouf Marty.


This vid was recommended by Firefly Ca at the reel vidding comminity on January 12, 2008:

  • "Martouf Marty always makes fantastic vids and this one is certainly no exception. The video uses excellent song choice with even better timing and the entire thing is woven together to do an exceptional job of telling the central plot of LoM while at the same time re-creating the surreal-yet-simultaneously-gritty atmosphere that makes the show so compelling in the first place.